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Cafe Bag

Posted By: texpackmfg

Date: Tue, 25 May 2021

Price: $0.20

Mobile: +020-3996 0576

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Texpack Manufacturing was founded in 2002, and has grown up into one of the largest memory foam manufacturers of home textile packaging and aims to be the leading supplier of this industry in the world.The products of our company include bags and packaging, memory foam cushion, memory foam cushion, biodegradable packing bags and so on.

Introduction to Cafe Bag
Cafe bag is the packaging bag of coffee. In a wide range of commodities, customers always only choose the products they like. In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the products themselves, the concept of cafe bag packaging design is affecting consumers to make purchase decisions.

Four Common Packaging Types of Cafe Bag

Flexible nonairtight packaging: This is the most economical package. It is usually adopted by small local bakeries because they can guarantee fast delivery. Coffee beans can be consumed in time. In this way, coffee beans can only be stored for a short time.

Airtight packaging: after filling the coffee, vacuum and seal it. Due to the formation of carbon dioxide in the baking process, this kind of packaging can only be packaged after the coffee is placed for a period of time to degas, so there are several days of storage interval. Coffee beans stay longer than coffee powder. The storage period does not need to be separated from the air, so the cost is low. The coffee in this way of packing should be used up within 10 weeks.

Packing of one-way exhaust valve: after baking, coffee is put in a special one-way exhaust valve. This exhaust valve allows gas to go out, but not in. There is no need for a separate storage stage, but due to the venting process, there will be a little loss of fragrance. It avoids the formation of rotten taste, but it can not prevent the loss of fragrance.

Pressurized packaging: This is the most expensive way to keep coffee for two years. After a few minutes of roasting, coffee can be vacuum-packed. After adding some inert gas, keep the proper pressure in the package. The coffee beans are stored under pressure, making the aroma flow on the fat, thus improving the flavor of the beverage.

In addition,the products Include small cafe bag, recycle foil coffee bags, medium cafe bag.

Production Process of Cafe Bag
1. Sew the teapot and cup on the white cotton cloth

2. Place the prepared materials according to the following figure

3. Use the prepared paper pattern to draw the outline on the top of the cloth.

4. Put the natural cotton and linen cloth on the back.

5. Sew a circle according to the drawn outline.

6. Cut off the excess fabric on the outside of the sewing thread with a pair of scissors.

7. You can sew or stick two pieces of rags on the cotton and linen cloth on the back.

8. Punch holes in the top and tie a ribbon bow. A button can be sewed in the middle of the bow as decoration.

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