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The Best Feng Shui House For Sale in Thailand, surrounded by teak mountains.

Posted By: tongsibjed

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021

Price: $1,313,320.00

Mobile: +66807301000

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This stunning property is located in the best Feng Shui like the Summer Palace in China, the front is a large natural water source and the back is the mountains, surrounded by teak and mixed forests in Denchai District, Phrae Province. The land is a beautifully landscaped and gorgeous mountain views.

▶ Renovated in 2020
▶ Location: Mae Chau Sub-district, Denchai District, Phrae Province, Thailand
▶ Ownership options for foreign buyers of Thai Houses, please read
▶ Price: THB 30M (US$ 1M)
▶ Total area 7.5 Rai (2.97 acres).
▶ Buildings:
- the main house 143 sqm., the back terrace 180 sqm. with a swimming pool
- a guest house 33 sqm.
- a 2-storey building, the upper part is a big living room with coffee bar 78 sqm., the lower part is 60 sqm. for a storage for garden equipments and others, toilets and a staff bedroom.
- A building 45 sqm. with 3 parts, 1 cat’s room, staff room and kitchen.
- A building 60 sqm. with 12 toilets and baths.
▶ 2 areas for carpark.
▶ Cowboy fence 495 metres around the place.
▶ 50 amp power transformer.
▶ 1 artesian well and tanks with complete water supply system cover the area.
▶ 2 water pumps for buildings.
▶ 5,000 watts solar cell rooftop system with Huawei inverter, you can check self-consumption via mobile phone.


▶ Phrae Airport 20 kms.
▶ Makro Supermarket 20 kms.
▶ Denchai downtown, Hospital, Train Station 4 kms.
▶ Fresh food store 4 kms
▶ 7-11 convenient store 2 kms.


The front of the house is adjacent to Mae Chau Reservoir, which is under the jurisdiction and supervision of Mae Chau Sub-district Administrative Organization which is responsible for managing the water resources in the reservoir for agriculture and consumption by the nearby population. This authority always sends employees to care for the security and cleanliness of the area surrounding the reservoir. In addition, police officers visit the Mae Chau Reservoir every other day for security.


The temperature at the farm stay is cool in the winter with a range with a range of 13 to 15 degrees Celsius, while it is warmer in the summer with a temperature range of 27 to 32 degrees Celsius.


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