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Transportation & moving service

Posted By: PatrickHiu1

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 98572994

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-House/room moving svc
-Bulky items moving svc
-Carousel purchase transportation
-IKEA purchase transportation
-Luggages transportation to Airport and Ferry terminal
-Bicycle/E-Bike transportation
-Event items transportation
-Pet transportation
-Diving equipments transportation
-Transportation of items to Salvation Army or Charity organisation
-Dismantle & assembly of furniture -Handyman Services
-TV/projector installation
-Contract deliveries

Transport price will start from $25 onward based on distance
*(Let me know the address so that can quote u accurately)
*1st labour will be charge at $15,additional 2nd labour will be charge at $30
*Wrapping Svc is chargeable
*Staircase involve during moving is chargeable
*Dismantle/assembly is chargeable
*Additional charge of $10 per vehicle going to restricted place and Sentosa
*Service time will be 90 minutes including loading, unloading and travelling from point A to point B
*Addition stop is chargeable
*ERP and Carpark fee is chargeable

For fast response for quote, please provide me the following details;
-Address of locations
-Detail of items to move or transport
-Any manspower required?
-Date & time of requested job
-Picture of items

Feel free to WhatsApp Patrick at 98572994 for a quote

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I've got the perfect curry pot for those critters if you can catch 'em!

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Re: Keep EP or Apply for PMLA+LTVP?

I concur with MOCHS. Frankly, stay on your EP until such time as it is prudent to apply for PR (2 years after your marriage). Only give up the EP if/when the PR is approved.

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My wife doesn’t like to hear the creatures of the night but I find it really comforting and it actually helps me get to sleep.

I grew up in the country, so summer nights were spent falling asleep with the windows open and the toads croaking in the distance.

However, in recent years we’ve had more and more wild chickens around our condo and the roosters mistake the street lights for the sun coming up at 2am… that can be a little annoying, have to admit.

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And therein lies the problem. Quality brands in the past have often compromised on quality and started using cheap junk from China. That is certainly the case for Ariston water heaters. As a consumer, I expect durable goods to last at least 15-20 years at a minimum.

Korean brands used to be horribly bad in the not so distant past. Even now they are still not up to Japanese or Western standards in many cases. If you go back even further, Japanese brands used to be horrible too. And I don’t even know where to put brands like Philips… really hit or miss with them, but when it’s a miss, it’s a big miss. I’m amazed they are still around.

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Hi expat hive mind,

I’m trying to get back into Singapore on a VTL (flight already booked) to see my wife for Christmas but can’t get a Vaccinated Travel Pass. I left Singapore (and my job there) to visit family in the UK and forgot to do the Notarise process for my vaccination record before my EP was cancelled.

I now can’t access Notarise, so can’t generate the QR codes I need to get back in. And my vaccination records are linked to my FIN number not my passport number so the VTP application system can’t find them.

Has anyone else had or heard of a similar case? I’ve submitted a query on every support portal I can find for MOH, Notarise, Singpass and ICA without success. THe best they can tell me is that they are aware of the problem and they might have a fix by next year.

So even if no one can help me, let this tale be a warning :/

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