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Transportation & moving service

Posted By: PatrickHiu1

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 98572994

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-House/room moving svc
-Bulky items moving svc
-Carousel purchase transportation
-IKEA purchase transportation
-Luggages transportation to Airport and Ferry terminal
-Bicycle/E-Bike transportation
-Event items transportation
-Pet transportation
-Diving equipments transportation
-Transportation of items to Salvation Army or Charity organisation
-Dismantle & assembly of furniture -Handyman Services
-TV/projector installation
-Contract deliveries

Transport price will start from $25 onward based on distance
*(Let me know the address so that can quote u accurately)
*1st labour will be charge at $15,additional 2nd labour will be charge at $30
*Wrapping Svc is chargeable
*Staircase involve during moving is chargeable
*Dismantle/assembly is chargeable
*Additional charge of $10 per vehicle going to restricted place and Sentosa
*Service time will be 90 minutes including loading, unloading and travelling from point A to point B
*Addition stop is chargeable
*ERP and Carpark fee is chargeable

For fast response for quote, please provide me the following details;
-Address of locations
-Detail of items to move or transport
-Any manspower required?
-Date & time of requested job
-Picture of items

Feel free to WhatsApp Patrick at 98572994 for a quote

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