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SEA Aquarium cheap ticket discount Sentosa Universal Studios Adventure cove cable Car sentosa line Luge and Sky ride skyline Trick eye Madam Tussauds butterfly wings of time 4D Adventure Land zoo nigh safari sky park marina garden by the bay

Posted By: Antoniolepu

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2021

Price: $28.00

Mobile: +65 91018948

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S.E.A AQUARIUM 海洋馆 Full day 10:00am 7:00pm Last Admission 6:30pm

S.E.A AQUARIUM 10:00am 7:00pm 海洋馆
E ticket (No need to print out)
Adult $28 (U.P. SGD 41.00)
Child $18 (U.P. SGD 30.00)
Senior $20 (U.P. SGD 30.00) (60 and above years old)

Please Whatsapp: (65) 91018948

Singapore residents ID (Singaporean, PR, Employment, work, student, dependent, long term pass ) or Passport required during booking date, time and at entry for Aquarium,
After purchased e ticket please book date and time below link www.

E ticket: No need to Print out, with the soft copy from mobile or tablet scan and go in.

Below are all Separate, Individual Sentosa tickets, can be used different days
E ticket (No need to print out)
**** S.E.A AQUARIUM 5 in 1 ****
*2 ways Cable Car & NEW Cable Car (Sentosa Line) inside Sentosa also included
1) SEA Aquarium
2) Cable Car 2 ways
3) Sentosa Line Sky Pass
4) Luge 2 rides
5) Sky Ride 2 rides

Adult $65 (U.P. SGD 96.00)
Child $53 (U.P. SGD 77.00)

**Other tickets**
Adventure Cove Water Park 10:00am 6:00pm 水上探险乐园
E ticket (No need to print out)
Adult $26 (U.P. SGD 38.00)
Child $21 (U.P. SGD 30.00)

USS Universal Studios10:00am 6:00pm 环球影城
E ticket (No need to print out)
Adult $68 (U.P. SGD 81.00)
Child $50 (U.P. SGD 61.00)
Senior $43 (U.P. SGD 43.00) (60 and above years old)

E ticket: No need Hard copy, Print copy, with the soft copy from mobile or tablet scan and go in.

No terms, No conditions
Valid on weekdays, weekends, Public Holidays.
Child (4-12years)
Senior: (60 and above years old must bring ID or Passport) 6591018948 Antonio Lepa.

PayNow 91018948 or
OCBC Saving: 582-501524-001 or
UOB Bank Uniplus: 373-391-881-9 or
Maybank iSSAVvy Saving: 14090695460 once the fund is transferred We will Whatsapp you the tickets

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