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Avail 30 March - Clean, Bright & Sunny Room Balestier Condo w/Swimming Pool & Gym

Posted By: Lookingfor

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2021

Price: $1,400.00

Mobile: +65 96605471

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【From 30 March 2021】
Looking for art & cleanliness loving roommate x 1 in sunny & spacious condo on Balestier Road! Super convenient transport and neighbourhood with supermarkets, wet market, hawker center, cafes & restaurants all in on one street! Available for 6months but possible to extend the lease.

Monthly Rent S$1400 includes :
-Water / Electricity
-WiFi (Fiber Optic)
-Every week cleaning & bed making
-Cleaning/Laundry detergents, toilet paper
-Usage of all areas (including piano!)
-Bed linen, pillow, pillow protector
-One month rent for deposit

You :
-Pay your own mobile phone bill
-Buy your own toiletry
-Buy your own food and condiments
-Do your own laundry (except bedlinen my helper does it)

◼️ You are sharing the unit with :
Me, a Japanese (Singapore PR) female pianist /artist who teach music at college and at home. I prefer quiet, spacious simple living when home. I also draw/paint. I love cooking and my kitchen is fully equipped. I am very clean Smile I love communication but I'm aware of personal spaces

◼️ Your Room :
Common room with big windows. Very sunny and if you open the curtain you can see the sky and the swimming pool below.
-Queen size bed with clean beddings
-Loads of storage, closet & shelves
-Wooden floor
-Both aircon & ceiling fan
-We share a bathroom(shower only) together

◼️ Common Space :
You can use all parts of the apartment, living, kitchen, dining - but please know that I am a pianist & I teach piano at home, 3-4 days a week, 1-3 students per day. It would be the best to have someone with contrasting schedule. Washer, dryer, all cleaning devices available.

◼️ Condo Facility
-Swimming Pool (very empty❤︎)
-Gym (air conditioned)
-24hr security guard
-BBQ pits
-Maybe a piano lesson Smile

◼️ Transport
-2min walk to Bus stop (basically across the street)
-Nearest MRT : Boon Keng, Novena, Newton (all about 20min walk, 3-4 stops bus ride)

◼️ Neighbourhood
-3 x super market (1 of them 24hrs)
-Whampoa wet market & hawker center
-loads of jogging places
-Convenience stores on the same street

*No couple sharing
*Visitor ok!
*No smoking
*No blasting music in common area (in your room whatever you like!)

Contact me for more more detail!
Thank you Smile

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Farrer/Holland area for me... maybe “pooping in pools” is now trending, used to be “peeing in lifts” back in the day!

Luckily, we never really had that issue. We did, however, have a few incidents of pets peeing or pooping in the lift, with the pet owners not picking up after their pet. Thankfully it was solved after a few notices were put up.

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