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Room available for Rent - Novena/ Farrer park MRT

Posted By: VanshuBantu

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2020

Price: $1,500.00

Mobile: +65-88170260

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2 common rooms(@$1500 per room) available for rent near Farrer park & Novena MRT. Walkable distance, bus stops, 24 hour food / mall/ shopping, NTUC, eateries. Very Quiet & Beautiful furnishings.

Fully furnished rooms. You can WhatsApp call or message: 65-90789848 for viewing. Immediately available rooms. recently renovated.

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Re: What do restaurants use for their ice green tea?

In restaurants there are a lot of different types of kitchen accessories are used. If you are interested to buy and information about which one is the best quality . They provide tips on different kinds of kitchen accessories that are useful for you when you purchase them.

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Re: Kung Pao Chicken

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Check your whatsappp. :cool:

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Re: myMOM Portal EP application status check

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Does anyone know how to check the EP application status? I understand that there is a new portal to apply for EP applications, which doesn't reflect on EP Online.

Any idea how to check the EP application status if its applied via myMOM Portal?

This is the one:

You will need to know:

FIN and Date of Application, OR
Travel Document No. and Date of Birth, OR
FIN and Date of Birth

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Re: Probability to get PR Approved for 2020-2021

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But if they really want they can buy your credit rating report and view?

You have a PM. :cool:

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Re: Probability to get PR Approved for 2020-2021

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Hello Everyone,

I just want to share our PR application journey.

Applied January 2020 (3rd try)
1. Applied via EP with DP(Wife and 3y/o Kid)
2. Principal applicant salary: 150K/Annum (Senior IT Architect)
3. Wife is currently on DP and applied LOC in her current work(30K/Annum, Customer support)
4. Been in Singapore since 2010(wife since 2012)
5. Nationality: Filipino
6. Age: 36 and 35
7. Been a volunteer as an active Lifegroup leader in Church since 2010(certificates added in the application)
8. Currently support a charity organization(Life Community) financially via Giro(since 2019 prior application)
9. IT certificates included in the PR application
10. I did not add any cover letter as per common advice by the agencies.
11. Bank account doesn't look good as well(This means finance is not a major criteria)
12. PR approval IPA received January 18, 2021(Approved for the whole family)
13. PR formalities scheduled on .....

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