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The Best-Selling EMF Protector Against 5G Trusted by Celebrities

Posted By: ACC/QE

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020

Price: $18.00

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No. 1 EMF Protector Against All EMF Radiation & 5G- Trusted by Celebrities!

Get yours today with - Hello10 (LIMITED PERIOD!) to instantly enjoy 10% off your first purchase! No min. Purchase Required!

The QuantumEasy EMF Protector is the only known EMF Protector in the market to have passed extensive testing (BioFeedback,Electrosmog,Tuv sud, Thermal, Body-Stress Tests)

Proven to INSTANTLY create a shield to protect you against the invisible yet harmful effects of all kinds of EMF radiation, 4G & 5G!

The EMF-Protector-Programming is activated the moment the user sticks it onto their devices– thus neutralising and eliminating all harmful effects of EMFs, 4G & 5G. All dangerous anomalies created by all types of EMFs are eliminated, thus protecting your immune systems.

Recommended for: Anyone who is regularly exposed to all kinds of EMF radiation.

Easy to use! Simply stick on your personal effects such as mobile devices, handbags, etc that are close to you to immediately reduce the harmful effects of all types of EMF radiation.

“Tested out the EMF Protector and I really felt and see a difference during the Body-Stress Test." - Esther Ho

"My hands don´t feel numb after using the EMF Protector for long hours now. . . & Phone doesn´t heat up as much." – Jolene Tay

"Helps my kids with eye strain & even headaches after he play phone games for long!"- May P.

Also Available In: Qoo10 • Lazada • Shopee

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Re: Apply for PR and LTVP 2020

❰❰ Quote:
Hi..i’m newbie in this forum..
I want to ask how to apply PR now?? Is it very difficult or i must go through to agency pr to applly now??

Thank you

Difficult? Definitely no.

Through agency? I won't encourage.

How to apply? Please read here:




Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Time between IPA to Travel Approval (EP GRANT)


Starting a new thread here as I need some inputs before I speak to employer.

I'm outside Singapore (India) and prospective employer is applying for EP. I expect a wait time of 8-12 weeks. MNC employer, management role, paid above the required EP criteria.

If application approved, I understand the IPA is valid for 6 months and I will have to seek entry approval during this time. my notice period is 2 months, and if I resign as I seek IPA my employer will start seeking entry permit. Note that I will have to resign from current job, due to long notice, while we apply for entry permit.

My question is

1) What if entry approval is not approved even after I have served my notice in current job? will I be jobless during the transition from IPA to Entry Approval? Since my EP starts from the day I land, technically the employer can't even onboard me virtually in system?

Since entry approval are difficult currently, am I supposed to sit jobless between the IPA grant and entry approval .....

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Re: Australian citizenship process for newborn in SG to Australian parents

❰❰ Quote:
Hi folks,

Hoping I can get some advice here... I've been going crazy being shuffled department to department at the embassy trying to figure out the process.

My son was born over the weekend, so I'm trying to get all the paperwork filed for his Aussie citizenship and SG visa. My understanding of the process is:
1) Apply for Australian citizenship by descent
2) Once that is complete, apply for an Australian passport
3) Once that is complete, apply for Singapore PR

On step 1 I'm going a bit nuts. They want me to get a passport picture of him and get it certified by someone who is a 'trusted' profession (doctor, lawyer) and has known him over 1 year...he's only 3 days old...

There's also this requirement for me to submit evidence of my citizenship prior to Australia (for some reason). It was over 30 years ago, so I don't really have that. Trying to understand if a statutory declaration would be sufficient.

Any .....

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Re: EP rejected and appeal

You gor ur pass already?

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: S-pass application processing time

Hi @prasant13 you got your pass already?

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore