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Personal Fitness Training

Posted By: gabriel.linyx

Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020

Price: $85.00

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Hi, I'm Gabriel Lim. As a fitness trainer and bodybuilder for more than a decade, I am passionate in educating and guiding others towards their fitness goals and developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

As your trainer, my goal is to help you to make the breakthrough to become a fit, fabulous, and confident new you.

I will personally customised a fitness plan just for you, pushing you outside your comfort zone and will challenge you to think differently about exercise, nutrition, and your body. I strongly believe at the end of our journey together, you will not only transform physically but will also learn in making healthier choices every day on your own. It would be my honor to have you take me up as your personal trainer.


· Power Plate Fundamental
· TRX Functional Training
· Trigger Point - Level 2: Myofascial Compression Techniques
· Rehab Trainer - Rehab Essentials
· Rehab Trainer - Rehab Fx
· BOSU® Personal Training
· Functional Training Institute - Theoretical Foundations
· Functional Training Institute - Kettlebell Level 1
· Functional Training Institute - Kettlebell Level 2
· Functional Training Institute - Battling Rope
· Functional Training Institute - Suspended Training
· Metafit HIIT Training Instructor
· Fitness Innovations - Training Pregnant & Post-Partum Clients
· IFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

· Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences
· Bachelor of Science Sport and Exercise Science

Let's get started training together to breakthrough a whole new you!

DM me or drop me an email at for more enquiries.

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Re: The last Covid19 cluster has closed

❰❰ Quote:
Certainly looking forward to normalcy soon...
Real normalcy in Singapore is years off.

Lawrence Wong says as much in this clip...

Our current stifling restrictions will remain for a long time. He even seems to suggest restrictions could stay indefinitely.

I can't help but feel, this conservative approach will be a growing drawback for Singapore and make residency less attractive, if/when other nations and regions opens up more expeditiously in 2021. We'll see.

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
Does anyone know if it's still possible to appeal a PR rejection and the process? There's nothing online about the process and the automated chatbot simply tells me to start a fresh application.

EDIT: The FAQs says this...

How do I submit an appeal after my Permanent Resident (PR) application is rejected?

Each PR application is carefully considered and reviewed before a decision is made. If you are still interested to be considered for PR, please submit a fresh application online through ICA’s e-Service after six months.

So I guess it's not possible anymore? :(

There used to be an email address floating around which you could email but I can't seem to find it
Failing that, I guess you could contact them via their feedback form
How do I get a .....

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Hey! This year get FastestVPN Black Friday VPN deals to safely and securely watch geo-restricted shows from anywhere. Get your discount now.

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Re: Spouse Visa / Salary Query

❰❰ Quote:
Thanks all for the responses, this is very helpful.

Just to give a bit more background, our child still has a few years before going to school, so would be nursery/nanny fees to consider.

I would not be looking for a book-keeping role and would be seeking a more senior finance type role. I appreciate that to get my feet in the door I may need to take a small step down when looking for a job.

My wife is a dentist, therefore it is not really a step level change. Although private dentistry in Singapore - certainly seems to offer a far more interesting range of work than the restrictions of the NHS.

My big concerns are whether I could find a job and if not, whether we could have a decent standard of living on one salary.
Companies are no longer as loyal to their employees as they once were. Because of that changed relationship, employers need to get an immediate return .....

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