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Airbnb Clone Benefits - An Entrepreneur Must Know for Startup Business

Posted By: AnfisaChris

Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020

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Among the various businesses, get-away rental business is an imaginative business with an exceptional idea that gives convenience administration to the explorers. Thus, for the rental business, Airbnb has made an exceptional situation in giving spot to lease. Here with Airbnb, proprietors list their place for lease and explorers can book the spot for convenience for the specific time span required. Thinking about this rental business idea, a business person can begin their own rental application like Airbnb utilizing the Airbnb Clone Script.

Airbnb clone is a ready to utilize script that enables a business visionary or startup to build up their own rental application or site. Utilizing the Airbnb clone it gives a simple method to give a brisk dispatch and start to the rental business. The interest for rental applications is expanding and there are numerous explorers hoping to get a spot for convenience on the web. As Airbnb clone script is a ready made script, and henceforth it doesn't need any improvement time and is spending benevolent too. As opposed to begin a stage like Airbnb without any preparation, picking Airbnb clone script is the correct answer for start the business. As a business person, exploiting ready to utilize script for example Airbnb clone can center and put more in advertising procedures. Give a lift to your beginning utilizing Airbnb clone script and develop your business.

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Time between IPA to Travel Approval (EP GRANT)


Starting a new thread here as I need some inputs before I speak to employer.

I'm outside Singapore (India) and prospective employer is applying for EP. I expect a wait time of 8-12 weeks. MNC employer, management role, paid above the required EP criteria.

If application approved, I understand the IPA is valid for 6 months and I will have to seek entry approval during this time. my notice period is 2 months, and if I resign as I seek IPA my employer will start seeking entry permit. Note that I will have to resign from current job, due to long notice, while we apply for entry permit.

My question is

1) What if entry approval is not approved even after I have served my notice in current job? will I be jobless during the transition from IPA to Entry Approval? Since my EP starts from the day I land, technically the employer can't even onboard me virtually in system?

Since entry approval are difficult currently, am I supposed to sit jobless between the IPA grant and entry approval .....

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Re: Australian citizenship process for newborn in SG to Australian parents

❰❰ Quote:
Hi folks,

Hoping I can get some advice here... I've been going crazy being shuffled department to department at the embassy trying to figure out the process.

My son was born over the weekend, so I'm trying to get all the paperwork filed for his Aussie citizenship and SG visa. My understanding of the process is:
1) Apply for Australian citizenship by descent
2) Once that is complete, apply for an Australian passport
3) Once that is complete, apply for Singapore PR

On step 1 I'm going a bit nuts. They want me to get a passport picture of him and get it certified by someone who is a 'trusted' profession (doctor, lawyer) and has known him over 1 year...he's only 3 days old...

There's also this requirement for me to submit evidence of my citizenship prior to Australia (for some reason). It was over 30 years ago, so I don't really have that. Trying to understand if a statutory declaration would be sufficient.

Any .....

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Re: EP rejected and appeal

You gor ur pass already?

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: S-pass application processing time

Hi @prasant13 you got your pass already?

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: If you are here for money, when will you stop?

❰❰ Quote:Meanwhile, a disclaimer applies to this entire thread, given the upcoming Great Reset.

:-)❱❱Curious, what kind of reset are you expecting. I am assuming you mean sky rocketing inflation. But what kind of inflation is it going to be. A supply side or a demand side. So far we have had only asset inflation but no cpi inflation or wage growth.

If wages shoot up and prices of daily essentials also shoot up, then the value of money goes down. This is bad for people like us who have accumulated money and kept it in safe fixed income. basically devaluation of existing stock of money. So people who are earning new money get paid way higher as cost of goods are also way higher.

So other than the scenario above, I think we are safe. Even in the above scenario, if you invest in assets you can mitigate a lot of the inflation effects.

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