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Posted By: keshavpawar

Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020

Price: $9.00

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Re: SC Approval likelihood

Thanks for getting back to me :)

❰❰ Quote:

Interestingly, I'm waiting for getting a clearer answer wrt to my citizenship situation before planning on kids. :-k

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

I have applied for PR 10 months ago and it is in process, if I changed my mind what's the process?

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Lose driver's license

Last night, on the way to go home, I lost my wallet, there are identifications cash, and even my driver's license inside. That is a Malaysian license and I am in the process of converting to a Singaporean license. That sucks, what should I do now?

Please give me some piece of advice. Thank you!!

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Re: Citizenship IPA received

Yes you are right.

Up to 2019, they’ve approved 9 institutes from India. But cut it down to only 2 from 2020.

Links attached.


From 2020

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Re: Citizenship IPA received

❰❰ Quote:
Please don’t give the misconception that if one gets MBBS overseas, they can work as a medical doctor in SG immediately. That is incorrect, they have to take a qualifying exam first and many with overseas MBBS find that a hassle and don’t usually take the exam. Most of them end up doing research work instead.

I have quite a few compatriots who are overseas grads working as physicians in Singapore.It makes it easier if the med school is recognised by the SMC.That list of med schools has recently been trimmed making the entry more difficult as a ' plain ' MBBS .

To address your statement , it was a tad easier to be registered with the SMC around 1-2 years ago.If you look at my first post , I did come in on an EP and was immediately registered .

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