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Furnished Studio Room for Rent in 71 Jurong East Street13(S)609650

Posted By: behfer

Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2020

Price: $800.00

Mobile: +60168555276

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Fully Furnished Studio Room for Rent in 71 Jurong East Street13(S)609650 SG $800
71 Jurong East Street 13, 609650
Separate Kitchen, Toilet and bathroom
Room Description:
Fully furnished, including Washer & Dryer,
-Queen bed
-Oven and Microwave
-Cooking allowed
-Smart Tv
Available now, Short/Long Stay lease
-High floor
Floor Size 1200 sqft
Tastefully Renovated
Walk one floor to the lift lobby
3mins walk to bus stop

(Will need 1 month deposit 1 month Rental)
-Oven and Microwave provided in the kitchen.

Interested Kindly email me : WhatsApp me 60168555276
(Kindly send your information in English)

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I would recommend you to have doctor's consult and have a proper rest.

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Re: PR Approval Chance? Male Chinese Malaysian

❰❰ Quote:
Okay. Now I'm confused

Your 1st post you stated
"Tax filed: IRAS sent me a notice for a year's tax and I've already paid."

Your topic on Feb 2020
you mention "3. Why did IRAS send me a letter saying that I do not have to file for tax for year 2019? Does that mean my salary is too low for me to file?"

SO.. you paid? No need to File?

therat, that letter is sent to anybody who's tax reportable income is via wages only. If your Singapore reportable income is solely via IR8A, the odds are you will not be required to file, but you will get a tax bill from the IRAS but you don't have to physically file yourself. This is because the employers are required to submit the IR8As to IRAS shortly after the close of the tax years (normally 31 Dec of the previous year. He may or may not receive a tax bill. This would depend on his total wage .....

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2020 Tax filling status is still pending

Hi all,

I have submitted Form B1 in May 2020, and until today the status is still showing as "Processing"! It's almost the end of 2020 and I still not yet pay my tax....

Wrote to IRAS a few months ago and they replied there is no additional documentation required from me. And I wrote to them again today.

Anyone else is facing the same situation?

Ps. I've been waiting for more than one year on my PR application. Suspect not yet paid 2020 tax might be a disadvantage for me.

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10th PR Application

Dear All,

A bit of my PR application history:

08/2007: Start working in SG, holding S-Pass

06/2008: 1st PR Application (with wife and daughter, Age: 35, Salary: $2,500)

08/2008: Resigned from work, and changed to Student Pass for a M.Sc. course at NTU. PR application rejected with reason being change to Student Pass. Received an ICA's invitation letter for PR application upon completion of M.Sc.

02/2010: 2nd PR Application (with wife and daughter, Age: 37, Salary: $3,200) after completion of M.Sc. and started working again with Employment Pass. Rejected.

05/2011: 3rd PR Application (with wife and daughter, Age: 38, Salary: $4,000). Rejected.

09/2012: 4th PR Application (with wife and daughter, Age: 39, Salary: $5,000). Rejected.

07/2013: 5th PR Application (with wife and daughter, Age: 40, Salary: $7,500). Rejected.

09/2014: 6th PR Application (with wife and daughter, Age: 41, Salary: $7,500) .....

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

Hey guys,

Seen some very helpful posts here! Just wanted to check with the experts about my chances of getting a PR and how I can improve the odds. Here's my profile:

Race: Indian
Age: 22
Education: Bachelors Degree in Engineering from NUS [With a MOE Tuition Grant of 70%]
Time in Singapore: 4.5 years ++ [Came here for Uni when I was 18, been working for 6 months now]

Occupation: Product Design Engineer (RandD)
Salary: Base ~$50K + bonus
Industry: Biotech/Scientific Equipment RandD (in an MNC)

I'm currently serving a 3 year work bond in Singapore as a part of my scholarship. I've worked for 6 months and plan to apply for a PR sometime mid-next year, after my tax assessment. Don't know how much it helps but I speak professionally fluent Chinese, enough for me to liaise with suppliers and order lunch at a hawker center :)

I know it used to be simple for local Uni grads to get a PR here before 2010, but not very sure now. Is there any local Uni grad who's had their PR approved .....

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