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TG-E Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinders

Posted By: jcforging

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2020

Price: Best Offer

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Product Introduction:

TG hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting multi-section telescopic sleeve lift cylinder. It has the advantages of small size and long stroke, and is mainly used in the hydraulic system of engineering and mining dump trucks.
Product Description

Product Advantage:

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are also known as multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. It is made up of two or more stages of piston cylinders, mainly composed of cylinder heads, cylinders, sleeves, pistons and other parts. There are inlet and outlet ports A and B at both ends of the cylinder. When the A port enters the oil and the B port returns to the oil, the first stage piston with a large effective area is firstly driven, and then the smaller secondary piston movement is pushed. Since the flow rate entering the A port is constant, the piston with a large effective working area has a low moving speed and a large thrust, and the moving speed is high and the thrust is small. If port B enters oil and port A returns oil, the secondary piston will first return to the end point, and then the first stage piston will return.

The characteristics of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder are: the working stroke can be very long, and it can be shortened when not working. It is suitable for applications where the installation space is limited and the stroke requirements are long, such as dump trucks and crane telescopic arms. When the telescopic hydraulic cylinder is extended step by step, the effective working area is successively reduced. When the input flow rate is constant, the overhanging speed gradually increases; when the external load is constant, the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder gradually increases. The extension of the single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder relies on the oil pressure, and it relies on its own weight or load when contracting. Therefore, it is used in the case where the cylinder is tilted or vertically rotated. Our company can customize telescopic hydraulic cylinders according to customer requirements.

If you want to buy multi stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder,5 stage hydraulic cylinder,4 stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder or three stage hydraulic cylinder,you can find us.

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