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Cookie Box

Posted By: elpackaging

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020

Price: Best Offer

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In the new economic era, it is not the big fish that eat the small fish, but the fast fish that eat the slow fish. For the product packaging manufacturer at the top of the industry, it is not to follow the times, but to lead the times. Do ordinary things extraordinary outstandingly, even if just make a small cookie. Maybe you want to ask-- a bag of cookies average price a few dollars to a dozen just, how big is this market? Global consumers spent $374 billion a year on snack foods between 2013 and 2014, according to a report by Nielsen. The huge market stimulates the development of the industry, the competition has entered the white-hot stage, the scale and brand advantage of the enterprises are a more obvious advantage, the strength weak small and medium biscuit enterprises exit speed is quickening.

Cookies from the variety, packaging, taste, functions have reached the "can not do, only unexpected" degree. The natural law of the jungle, when the cookies are not high and the competition is extremely fierce, is a daily occurrence in a business where the competition is unusually fierce. When a new product comes out, the competition will follow, "If you don' t work hard, someone else will try to replace you."

Traditional biscuit packing box, generally using 300gsm C1S art paper, plus a single side of the CMYK printing process, lamination, and it will have the white color or transparent blister. This kind of cookies box cost is small, the craft is little, the production time is short. But, it only relies on the design of the printing to win the cookies box competition, now, in reality, it already very difficult to have the innovation for this kind cookies box.

If we want to stick to cookie packaging boxes wholesale, we can do it with textured or tactile special paper or leatherette paper. And then plus some special surface treatment, such as spot UV varnish, hot stamping, and embossing, carving... and use special color blister. This solution doesn't require too much budget spending on cookie boxes, but it can immediately emerge from traditional cookie packs.

You also need to have some fancy cookie gift box. Usually, we will choose the same textured special paper or leatherette paper to make rigid cookies box, the nice rigid cookies box will be not abandoned when customer open the cookies, someone will use it to store other snacks.

If you still don't have a good cookie paper box printing idea, please contact us immediately!

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