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Children Book

Posted By: elpackaging

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020

Price: Best Offer

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According to the global book market data released by Nelsen BookScan, the global children's book market has an average share of 29 percent, and Australia's children's book market share close to 50 percent. The market for children's books is a very important part.

The classification of children's books
The market for children book printing China is growing as parents around the world pay more attention to their children's education, especially the kids who under the age of 10. Children's books come in many categories, including black and white cards for infant, flashcards, and some specially-shaped card books. The indestructible children's book which made of cardboard is very popular in recent years. As it could not be ripped, and it doesn't cut your baby hands. Generally it just only 6 sheets, so its weight is light, it is suitable for young children to read. Children's picture books market can be said to be in the market for book segmentation in recent years, each publishing house has produced a very large number of cardboard books.

On the other hand, Flip-Flap book is also becoming more and more popular. Flip-Flap book is not very difficult to design and the mass production is not complicated, but it can add a lot of interest to reading. So it got a lot of children's affections. And the profits from flipping books are much better than those of ordinary children's books. Our company, as a product packaging manufacturer, produces over 500,000 copies of flipbooks each year, which is very rich in the experience of Flip-Flap book.

There's another kind of children's book also very popular -- the stereoscopic book (pop-up book). Stereo books (pop-up books) have always been a big cake for the children book market, but as a good pop-up book first requires a very professional pop-up books designer and then works with a professional stereo book-making factory. If the designer is unprofessional, the stereoscopic effects are not visible, or the user experiences are poor, then the design is unqualified. Every year we receive a lot of three-dimensional books, but more than half of the designs are impossible to achieve, and we will take the time to communicate with the designers and revise them together. This often takes a long time, but it will very helpful for our customers. If you have the idea of the three-dimensional book design, please send it to our packaging companies in China to see if we can improve it together.

Do children's book is always a happy thing, the children's smiley face is our biggest motivation!

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