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Start your own beauty biz - Freelance or Business owner

Posted By: organicfacialDR

Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2020

Price: $40.00

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Clarke Quay beauty salon - share space. beauty facials, lash, semi-p makeup, hypnosis - Space

start your business affordable and good and reputable area - ladies, family, moms , expats, local

I can help you set up fave merchant to start your business

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Re: No news on my citizenship application

Your race is critical here. If you China Indonesian you are ok. If you're Orang Asli type Indonesian well I'm surprised you got this far. In general this is a positive sign EXCEPT your hubby salary so low huh?

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Credit Card Debt from 6 years ago and S-Pass

❰❰ Quote:
I have asked Collectius, and they said that the amount I owe now is $2,778.19. It seems the amount I owe DBS keeps compounding as I didn't pay the debt.
They now ask me to transfer money to DBS via telegraphic transfer to DBS Bank, stating the reason for transfer is "Repayment of Credit Card" and indicate my full name and my bank account number with DBS in the reason for transfer.

Is it seem legitimate?

Is it possible for me to negotiate the amount I can pay back with them?

I tried to email DBS twice, but they didn't reply, I only got email replies from Collectius

1. Yes - if transfer is to DBS. It seems Collectius are receiving a success fee as well.
2. Yes - explain you cannot afford that much and make an offer (50%?) for a one off, immediate settlement. It's unlikely Collectius have any legal ability to compel you to make a payment in Vietnam.
3. I am not surprised.

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore

Re: Citizenship shd i apply

❰❰ Quote:
my wife n i are pr . she has been a pr for 11+ and i have been for 7+. is that a long enough stay to consider applying ?

Midget I thought you spoke better English! Yes - you both have a chance.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Tax/GST from sending items over from overseas

Hi all. Looking at the current covid situation. It will probably be some time before we could travel back to home country and have decided to do our registration of marriage here in SG. We're looking to courier our engagement ring which we had bought and kept in Malaysia to ourselves here for the ROM. Would there be any tax/GST implications of we do that?

Posted in General Discussions

Looking for advice on healthcare provision

Looking for advice on healthcare provision.

My wife and I are intending to settle (retire, not with employment) in Singapore sometime next year.

I am a UK citizen. My wife is a Singapore citizen. I will need to have healthcare insurance. I am not looking for ‘the best’, ‘the most extensive coverage’. I will be looking for something that provides good coverage.

I am 60 yrs old, and in good health.

What health insurance companies should I be looking at? What is a ’ball park’ figure for annual cost?

Any advice/information/guidance would be gratefully received.

Thanks, Paul.

Posted in Insurance