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Vibratone Academy: Quality Music Lessons That You Deserve

Posted By: vibratoneacademy

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 97950933

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Quality Music Lessons That You Deserve

Lessons available: Piano/Keyboard, Violin, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Vocals, Music Theory

Location: 228A East Coast Road, S(428925) [Above Brunner's Coffeeshop]

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday - 11am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday - 9.30am to 9pm

*Phone calls available only within opening hours

**For enquiries outside of opening hours, whatsapp to 979***

Vibratone Academy started out its journey in a garage on 15 September 2018 educating music to students from all walks of life. Music has always been in constant evolution and we believe that music pedagogy has to stand on equal grounds. With the help of advanced technology, appreciating and learning music has been made easier but nothing compares having the presence of a physical instructor to guide, nurture and tailor-make each lesson for every student through their journey.

Our instructors are ready to take you on a quest to spark your passion and bring out the musical talent in you. With your instrument, alongside the fellowship of other music explorers in the school, you will embark on a mission to discover different styles and genres of music, ensuring that the education received is an enriched and wholesome one. Nobody said an adventure is going to be boring.

With the aid of both technology and the extensive knowledge that we provide, Vibratone Academy will ensure that learning music would not be as difficult as stereotyped, but fun and productive. Expanding from a garage into a proper centre, we are ready to share the love of music to the masses. Whether you are picking up a record, instrument or learning a new instrument, we at Vibratone Academy have got your back.

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The CPF deduction ramps up in time (over three years) as well. Also your employer will probably try to find a way to claw back the employer components (which is why, quite reasonably, employers aren't keen on EP holders becoming PR, when I applied I had to agree that the ER could deduct his share from my wages).

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Hi Guys,
I'd like to ask about CPF cut; let's say my monthly salary is around SGD$5k. I understand when you converted to Singapore Permanent Resident there will be 20% CPF cut/contribution.

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I have a situation whereby I have gone through interview process with company A for almost 5 months (!) because they were extremely slow in moving but in the end I accepted the offer. However due to my anxiety of waiting and also because I lacked confidence in their process I continued interviewing and had another much better offer with company B. I have decided to go with company B and notified company A about this.

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1. How can I get company A to help withdraw the application if they are unresponsive?
2. Should I let company B know about my situation?


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Re: REP not renewed, question on private shield insurance plan and other issues

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Hi all

Just got my REP renewal application rejected as I am outside Singapore currently, and given the Covid situation I'm not sure if I should re-enter Singapore and stay till I can get it renewed. ](*,)

46 y.o Msian male C.

Now I plan to retain my CPF intact for now regardless whether I am eligible to withdraw or not
Question is
1. what happens to my private shield plan (I currently have enhanced Incomeshield Basic PR) Can I still maintain this plan with a different/higher premium.
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Thanks for the answers, very useful. Does anyone know how it is with local Singaporean banks? Would that also be possible? Transferwise I use already for money transfer but I rather would like to go with a "real" bank.

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