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Your Aura Is Your Immune System -Check Your Energies today!

Posted By: ACC/QE

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020

Price: $48.00

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Few people know that our Aura is the first layer of protection against any negativity or diseases.If you have a positive & strong Aura, you would have a stronger immunity against negative energies such as fatigue, stress, illness...And once our energy drops to a lower frequency, the natural immunity we once had against illnesses wouldn't be able to protect us any longer.

Is Your Aura Strong Enough To Fight Against negativity & diseases?

Check Your Aura With The Industry Leader- The AuraChakra Company, the Authorised Global Training Centre for AVS System & Aura Readers Since 2008.With our state of the art technology– The Aura Scanning Technology, witness your Aura Colour and Chakras within seconds! Receive a 22-page Report of your energies, advice on career, relationships & much more! Now Only at $48, u.p. $106!

If you'd like a fast & natural way to instantly uplift your aura, check out our Best-Selling Famous 5 Kit, the "Must-Have" for anyone who desires awesome energies for great immunity against all diseases & viruses!

For a limited time only! Every $120 Purchase is entitled to 1 Sure-Win Spin-The-Wheel! Win Up to Prizes worth $288!

Book an appointment today at 6449 9959 or whatsapp 9889 4432!

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Re: REP not renewed, question on private shield insurance plan and other issues

❰❰ Quote:
Hi all

Just got my REP renewal application rejected as I am outside Singapore currently, and given the Covid situation I'm not sure if I should re-enter Singapore and stay till I can get it renewed. ](*,)

46 y.o Msian male C.

Now I plan to retain my CPF intact for now regardless whether I am eligible to withdraw or not
Question is
1. what happens to my private shield plan (I currently have enhanced Incomeshield Basic PR) Can I still maintain this plan with a different/higher premium.
According to CPF website, policy holders are advise to check with your private insurer. Does that mean this policy differs between the different insurers? Which insurer then allows non-PRs to retain coverage?

❰❰ Quote:Q What would happen to my Integrated Shield Plan if I renounce my Singapore Citizenship/ Permanent Residency?
When you renounce your Singapore Citizenship/ Permanent Residency, the MediShield Life component of your .....

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Re: Opening a bank account in Singapore as a EU citizen

Thanks for the answers, very useful. Does anyone know how it is with local Singaporean banks? Would that also be possible? Transferwise I use already for money transfer but I rather would like to go with a "real" bank.

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Re: Recommendations on movers for local move

Then local movers that I engaged were superb and I really liked them. They were really professional and helpful and I hope this helps for all you guys that are looking for local movers.

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Re: Any recommendation for international mover

I recently moved from Singapore to Perth and I got some international movers from reading some international movers articles . I hope this helps.

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Question about CPF cut

Hi Guys,
I'd like to ask about CPF cut; let's say my monthly salary is around SGD$5k. I understand when you converted to Singapore Permanent Resident there will be 20% CPF cut/contribution.

My salary component is composed of MS/CS (Monthly/Consol Salary) and MVC (Monthly Variable Component) both add up to $5k in total. My question is, will CPF Cut deducted from my total $5k salary or only from MS/CS?

Thank you.

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore