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4 Pins Passive Infrared Sensor BL412 for Alarm System

Posted By: Senba2020

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +0755-82594756

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Senba PIR Motion Sensors are passive alarm sensors. Working temperature is -20~ 85℃. There are 3type for PIR pins sensor, 3pins, 4pins, 6pins. For 3 pins type, 2s not adjustable. For 4pins, delay time adjustable. For 6pins, delay time, sensitivity, lighting adjustable.
Robust Design Against False Starts
Low Curvature Lens

Technical Data
1. Maximum Ratings
Characteristics Symbol Min. Value Max. Value Unit Remarks
Supply Voltage VDD -0.3 3.6 V
Working Temperature TST -20 85 ℃
Max.current for pin Into -100 100 mA
Storage Temperature TST -40 125 ℃

2.Working Conditions (T=25°C, Vdd=3V,Except other requirements)
Characteristics Symbol Min. Type Max. Unit Remarks
Supply Voltage VDD 2.0 3 3.3 V IR=0.5mA
Working Current IDD 9 9.5 11 μA
Sensitivity VSENS 90 μA
Output REL
Output Low Current IOL 10 mA VOL<1V
Output High Current IOH -10 mA VOL>(VDD-1V)
Lock time TOL 2.3 s
On-time TOH 2 3600 s
Input voltage 0 VDD V 0V to ¼ VDD
Input Bias Current -1 1 μA
Oscillator & Filter
Low pass filter cut-off frequency 7 Hz
High pass filter cut-off frequency 0.44 Hz
Oscillator frequency on Chip FCLK 64 kHz
Interior Block Diagram

Intelligent security- burglar alarm
Wireless infrared detection alarm, uses advanced signal analysis and processing technology. When the intruder enters through the detection area, it sends alarm signal to control panel.
The PIR sensor is suitable for home, residential area, factory, shopping mall, warehouse, and offices.
1.Why is PIR sensor called passive?
The sensor is called passive because it doesn't emit light to get measurements. The sensor in PIR is actually split into two parts. The reason for that is to measure motion. ... The sensor is also sensitive enough to even detect IR radiation source movement while the object is already in it's field of view.
2.How far can a motion sensor detect?
Most low-cost motion detectors can detect up to distances of at least 15 feet (4.6 m).
If you want to know the passive infrared sensor working principle, please inquiry us.

PIR , pyroelectric infrared sensor, is normally known as a motion detector. It is a intelligent pir sensor based on measuring infrared light radiating from objects within its field of view. The detector itself cannot emit infrared. It is commonly used in burglar alarms and smart lighting applications.

Normally PIR works with a fresnel lens. The human body has a constant body temperature, which is different from the ambient temperature. When a human body moves, this difference is detected by PIR through a Fresnel lens, which outputs an signal.

Owning very strong R&D Center, Senba can research and develop the pyroelectric infrared sensor independently. Among those china infrared sensor manufacturer, Senba Sensor has become the first owner of this special technology enterprise in China. We are awarded as "Henan high-tech enterprises" in 2006 and awarded as "Notional high-tech enterprises" in 2012.

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