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WTS: GoPro Hero7 Black Supersuit Housing Backscatter Flip7 Pro

Posted By: Catzin

Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020

Price: $200.00

Mobile: +65 98242432

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01 GoPro Hero 7 Black Supersuit Housing

- Cosmetic scratches on certain parts of housing due to normal diving wear and tear; still functional (no leaks / structural integrity flaws)

01 Backscatter Flip7 “Pro” Package

01 Dual Flip Frame - used for about 15 dives
01 Shallow Filter (5-20 ft)
01 Dive Filter (20-50 ft) - used for about 15 dives
01 Deep Filter (50 ft)
01 15 MACROMATE Mini Lens - used for about 15 dives
01 55mm Lens Adaptor - used for about 15 dives
01 Neoprene Wallet & Lens Pouch
01 Lens Removal Tool (for HERO5, HERO6 & HERO7)
01 Port Adapter for GoPro Super Suit (for HERO5, HERO6 & HERO7) - used for 15 dives
01 Port Adapter for GoPro Stock Housing (for HERO3, HERO3 & HERO4)
01 Allen Wrenches for Installation

“PLUS” (Additional items that work with above flip7 system which are to my knowledge usually sold separately by Backscatter):

01 FLIP FILTERS 55mm 10 Close-Up - UNUSED

01 FLIP FILTERS 55mm Polarizer Filter - UNUSED

01 FLIP FILTERS 55mm Graduated Neutral Density - UNUSED

01 FLIP FILTERS GREENWATER Underwater Color Correction Magenta Filter - UNUSED

01 FLIP FILTERS Fluorescence Underwater Yellow - UNUSED

Feel free to request for pictures of any specific item.

Self pickup only for buyer inspection.


All above items in “Mint” condition

Total Price: SGD 200
Contact: 9824 2432 (NO PM as i dont check it)

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Re: Dependant's pass disclosure

That is basically what I was thinking. I know technically here it doesn’t count as a conviction anymore but I would prefer to be honest and hope that they grant me permission despite it rather than find out that I withheld the information. I will consult with an attorney and the employer for guidance. Thank you for your advice.

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Re: Pr approved but Unable to produce original birth cert

Its better to change the appointment and get the birth cert through courier service, which you can receive in a week time.
Good Luck and cheers

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Pr approved but Unable to produce original birth cert

❰❰ Quote:
Hi, I hope to get some advise from here. I’ve gotten my Pr ipa letter and lock my appointment date on next Tuesday but sadly realised that my original birth cert left in my hometown.
I know it’s silly but still wanted to ask can I produce scan copy or photocopy birth cert during the formalities?? Due to covid-19 pandemic and not too sure if postman able to deliver the cert on time/before the deadline of my formalities...
Will my formalities got rejected later on because of unable produce the original birth cert?

Email ICA and ask. No one here can say if a photocopy of the birth cert is acceptable by ICA. Why dont you change the appointment to an alternative date and arrange to get the document via safe courier? Courier Services are working these days

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Re: Dependant's pass disclosure

❰❰ Quote:

My husband will hopefully be getting a new position in Singapore for a major corporation and we hope to relocate there sometime in the next 6 months. I had almost completely forgotten that I had a criminal record before looking at the Dependant Pass application form. In my state (California, USA) I have had my record cleared - meaning that my no contest plea/conviction has been turned into a dismissal of the charges. It was 2013 and I had a drinking problem. I was convicted of attempted drunk driving (I never actually got into my car) and there was a child with me at the time so I was also convicted of attempted child endangerment. Both are misdemeanors. I had to complete 6 months of alcohol monitoring, community service and 4 years of probation. I completed my sentence, changed my life completely. I am just curious if now since technically in my state and country I can say I have no convictions - whether that .....

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

❰❰ Quote:
Hi everyone,

Appreciate any comments or realistic thoughts on my chances, especially in the current environment. We feel ready to apply for PR now (we would have applied back in 2014 but we decided to move to Korea instead) as we want to give our daughter a bit of stability (she's lived here since she was 1yo).

Nationality/Race: Australian/Caucasian
Age: 35
Status: EP Holder (3 yrs). Previously EP Holder 2013/14.
Industry: Insurance. Working 12-15 years.
Education: 2 Bachelor's degrees from Australia (Actuarial Studies and Maths/Stats).
Salary: 230-250k pa base.
Dependents: Wife (South Korean, DP. Has an undergrad degree and worked in SG last time we were here, but not this time) and 4yo daughter (attending local kindergarten).
Other: We're both decent Mandarin speakers.

Looking at it objectively, I can see several positives to such an application, but also some offsetting bits. Would be keen to hear your thoughts on .....

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