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*Lowest Rate/ Top quality!* Trusted Moving Services 97101153 (mover/movers)

Posted By: daniel220682

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 97327712

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Trusted Moving Services/Company
(Only use local and professional movers)

Trusted Moving Services team is always ready to take on any task, be it challenging or not. We will be pleased to serve you upon request.

Also,we provide with a FREE on-site quotation and deploy our team of professional consultants to provide you with an accurate quote. Our team is experienced and skilled. If you require anything, we are willing to be your listening ear and do our best to assist you in all ways. We treat all our client’s furnishings with care, wrapping it securely and moving them to your new site in its original condition.

We are:
-Transport delivery & moving company
-14 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE (Reliable and trustworthy)
-Always there to serve you 24/7
Our specialization and service:
-Company and warehouse delivery
-Residential/House relocation
-Commercial/Office relocation
-Events/Exhibitions setup
-Small items shifting (Furniture/household items/Electrical Appliances)
-Ad-hoc delivery
-Piano/Safe relocation
-Storage services
(24/7 cctv closure)
-Contract delivery
-Lorry rental with driver

Our value added service:
- Carton boxes/tapes(to store your items).
- Quotations based on your required stuffs.
- Wrapping services to protect your items and furnitures.
- Dismantle and assemble furniture for you.

Vehicle Fleets:
10FT/15FT/24FT covered lorry


Facebook Page:trusted moving services

Your call is precious to us!
Please kindly leave a text message indicating your job requirement if we did not answer your call.
We will get back to you ASAP

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❰❰ Quote:
Appreciate your inputs sundaymorningstaple and smoulder.

Some follow-up questions that I have:

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