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★AT HOME TELEWORK ONLINE★Chinese or Japanese speaking online sales & marketing officer for Singapore market

Posted By: lthpatrick

Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020

Remuneration: Best Offer

Mobile: +60162136833

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★★AT HOME TELEWORK ONLINE★★Chinese or Japanese speaking online sales & marketing officer for Malaysia or Singapore market★★
★★ ONLINE ★★針對馬來西亞或者新加坡市場的日語或者华语中文在綫營銷官★★
Trust Technology Corporation is a specialized trading company that buys and sells used tools for semiconductors and discrete components.
Trust Technology Corporation 是一家專門買賣半導體設備和分離元器件的貿易公司。
We not only sell and buy tools, but also provide diverse information, services, and solutions to customer’s requirements.
***start from 4Hr/3-5 days a week***
***part timer or full timer***
***start from 1000 yen per hour*** (Approximately RM$38/hr or S$12.50/hr)
***Telework with online, use PC and Cell phone that company provided***
・High School level Chinese or Japanese N3 level up
・ 高中华文水平 或者 日本語3級(N3)以上
・Bachelor Degree and above
・ 學士/學位(本科)以上
・Capable to use Microsoft Office, Internet, Outlook
・ 會使用Microsoft Office、Internet、Outlook
・General business skill, knowledge about Marketing or production line of semiconductor is big advantage for this job
・This time we are hiring sales representatives who are strong in Malaysia or Singapore market.
・ 弊社這次招聘在馬來西亞或新加坡市場表現出色的业务销售员。
・We set holidays according to official holiday calendar of each country where you work
・employee must follow Japanese working regulation
Trust Technology Corporation

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