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SaobanCrafts - Lao Village Handcrafts

Posted By: JohnLow1

Date: Thu, 21 May 2020

Price: Best Offer

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100% BIO & ECO

Naturally grown, Lao cotton is soft, beautiful and durable. For centuries, Phu-Tai, Tai-Leu, and Tai Dam ethnic communities have cultivated a native variety of short-fiber cotton.

Soft, beautiful luster and iridescence is the hallmark of Lao silk. Village artisans raise silkworms and collect, spin, dye and weave the yarn by hand.

Ethereal, earthy colors plant-based, natural dyes. Cottons and silks are dyed using natural plants and herbs, collected locally by villagers.

Handcrafted and village-made by local artisans. Beautifully hand woven silk and cotton textiles using natural dyess, bamboo wares, silver jewellery, bags and accessories.

All products are rooted in ancient craftsmanship, and ideally suited to modern, conscientious lifestyles.Each product is made and finished in the village, and income generated from sales goes directly to the producers.
- More than 15 village crafts groups of many ethnic communities.
- Across 10 provinces of Laos.
Help create employment opportunities for villagers - mostly women - and reduce poverty.

Visit us to find out more:

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