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Textile Ventilation

Posted By: durkeesox

Date: Tue, 19 May 2020

Price: $500.00

Mobile: +86-0711-5919000

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Nanosox Fabirc HVAC Ductwork
Nanosox fabric air dispersion system is a terminal air dispersion system that transfers and distributes air in the space, replacing traditional ductwork, air dampers, diffusers and insulation.

Insusox Pre-insulated green air duct
Insusox is a pre-insulated fabric air duct system with perfect integration of special fabric surface and high-performance thermal insulation material by utilizing exclusively patented composite...

URR Cloth Ductwork
URR perfectly integrates uniform air velocity controlling technology with Internal retention ring system, URR system remain round when deflated, absorbing all advantages of both products.

IRR Ventilation Socks
IRR™ system utilizes a strong, yet light weight material to construct the internal support ring. It helps the soft fabric air dispersion system remain round shape without static pressure.

Returnsox™ Fabirc Exaust Air Duct
RETURNSOX is made of high-strength material, ReturnSox™ utilize patented internal support frame to maintain the flexible air duct in rectangle shape and return air under negative pressure.

UF-System Underfloor Air Distribution System
UF™ system is a specialty fabric duct system that is installed underneath raised access floor space which provides an air highway to guard against thermal decay and achieve optimum air ...
Competitive Strength

Even and comfortable air dispersion, aesthetic, light weight, quick installation, condensation free, green and energy saving, cost saving, quiet operation, easy maintenance and reliable quality.

Air Socks Lifetime
For top-grade Nanosox N series, the lifetime is 20 years with 15 years warranty.
For economical Nanosox L series, the lifetime is 15 years with 10 years warranty.
For non-flammable Fibersox series, the lifetime is 10 years with 8 years warranty.

The frequency of textile ductwork maintenance varies from application scenario, normally for supermarkets, it is recommended to clean every 2 years, for food processing plant, we recommend to clean every 3 months for anti-bacterial purpose. Durkeesox can be cleaned in industrial washing machine very easily, and we can offer an entire maintenance solution for customers worldwide. As you can see, maintenance for fabric duct isn’t difficult to do.

We provide you with the high-quality textile duct system and displacement ventilation system.

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