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Purchasing Assistant

Posted By: chrisrecruit

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2020

Remuneration: $3,000.00

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Job Title: Purchasing Assistant
Working location: West
Permanent Role
Salary: $2,000 - $3,000 depending on experience

• Diploma holder
• At least one-year experience in purchasing, preferable in Chemical Manufacturing Industry
• Ability to speak in Mandarin are required to liaise with Mandarin speaking clients
• Experience in SAP will be added advantage

INTERESTED CANDIDATE may send in your resume to
[email protected] - Attn: Chris

Chris Hoh | Reg No. R091555
EA License: 18C9198

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Re: COVID Vaccine requirements for Work Pass

I cannot confirm one way or another. Maybe some of our newer arrivals have more info re: covid Vaxxes.

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Re: Citizenship Application (Update of Particulars)

As you already have PR, I don't think the large salary jump will affect the outcome one way or the other as you already passed the income hurdle to get PR. Letting them know, in your case, would probably have some benefit. But somebody on say EP salary close to PEP levels getting a 30% increase could, depending on Industry and some other considerations +/- as it might appear to look like a potential flight risk. Where you are at currently I reckon it wouldn't hurt and 'may' have some benefit. Worth the risk, from where I'm sitting. Other's may feel differently.

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COVID Vaccine requirements for Work Pass

Greetings everyone!

I was recently offered a job at Singapore, but while I was checking the requirements to get a Work Pass, on the MOM's website ( I found that it is mandatory to be fully vaccinated against the Covid in order to get a work pass.
The problem is, I am not vaccinated nor I wish to be (for personal reasons). Does that mean I have to renounce to this job?

I called the local Singaporean consulate, and they told me that even if in theory the rules are these, in practice they are not enforced, so many non-vaccinated expats could go there and had no problems. Can you confirm that?

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Re: Spouse PR formalities

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
I believe Sg stopping using the PR interview technique in the late 1990's or shortly after the millennium. I got mine in 1995 and did have the interview before being granted PR (two officers in a small interview room for around 1.5 hrs if I remember correctly. Even then, while the issuance of PR was a go down to the ICA building, there was not any formalities as you aren't giving up anything. Bit different when giving up your former citizenship.

In reality, probably less than a hour (mine was a special case when they found out my assimilation here after being here for 13 years) spent well over 45 minutes gossiping and giving them a blow by blow of my activities considering for the most part of the 1st 8 years were spent offshore in the oilfields. That also was back in the day of physical paper applications, etc as well. The electronic revolution .....

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Re: Converting Indonesian Driving License to SDL

❰❰ Quote:
Hi, any fellow Indonesians can share experience on converting their Indonesian DL (SIM) to SDL?

I inspected my Indonesian DL, and it does not specify the first date of issuance. Some of the websites I researched for the conversion requirements mention that the Singapore Traffic Police would require some sort of supporting document to explain when we first obtained our foreign DL.

Any fellow Indonesians can direct me to how/where to get this? I dont think the SAMSAT/traffic police in Indonesia provide this type of statement. :(
Hi there, would like to chk if you managed to get the 1st issue date of your Indonesia DL and converted your licensing to Sg DL? I having the same problem now. Appreciate if u could share your way to covert your license. Very much appreciated!🙏🙏🙏

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