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Supercharge Your Energetic & Immune Systems Against COVID-19!

Posted By: ACC/QE

Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020

Price: $88.00

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The best defence against COVID-19 is to build the body’s defence: Strengthening the natural immune system– your aura.

Our Aura is actually the first layer of protection against any negativity. If you have a positive & strong Aura, you would have a stronger immunity against negative energies such as fatigue, stress, illness...And once our energy drops to a lower frequency, the natural immunity we once had against illnesses wouldn't be able to protect us any longer.

Uplift your immune systems with our Best-Selling High Vibrational Frequency(HVF) Energisers!

Since 2008, Our Best-Selling High Vibrational Frequency(HVF) Energizers, is excellent for everyone (especially children & elderly) to supercharge your energy system and in turn, uplift ur immune system.

Just a few drops to instantly boost your energetic and immune systems!

The High Vibrational Frequency(HVF) Energizers are an exclusive alchemical formula created by The Energy Alchemist since 2008 - The vibrational frequencies of our HVF Energizers are proven by Scientists to be hundreds of times higher than the normal pure essential oils.

Our customers love The HVF Energizers:

"I always have them in my pocket. You feel purified and protected and free of negative influences… Gives you that extra advantage you need to get into that next level… The HVF Energizers have pumped-up my energy level and changed my life…"

– Graham Bibby (Investment Guru, Best-selling Author & Regular CNBC/Bloomberg contributor)

Also, Check Your Aura With The AuraChakra Company! We are the Authorised Global Training Centre for AVS System & Aura Readers Since 2008.With our state of the art technology– The Aura Scanning Technology, witness your Aura Colour and Chakras within seconds!

Book an appointment today at 6449 9959 or whatsapp 9889 4432!

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