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*Trusted Moving Services* (Budget, Professional, Hassle-Free) 97101153 (Mover/Movers)

Posted By: daniel220682

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 97327712

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Trusted Moving Services
Company Roc:532558290
(Only use local and professional movers)
5***** Services

Trusted Moving Services established since 2006, has been providing Professional Removal, Long and Short term Warehousing, Handyman and Disposal services. We are one of the leading professional Singapore movers constantly improving our overall efficiency and setting the industrial standards for the other movers to follow.
All these years we have remained competitive in our pricing, and yet ensuring a high level of service. We believe in providing a service that far exceeds our customers' expectations. At Trusted Moving Services, we add value and passion in every move. Each move is executed with finesse and customer satisfaction always on our mind. We will work one on one with each customer to ensure that every request is noted down and executed in accordance to customer's instructions.

-house/condo/hdb relocation
-office relocation
-delivery services
-ad hoc delivery
-transport services
-supply manpower
-piano/safe relocation
-storage services
(24/7 cctv closure)
Feel free to call our 24/7 enquiry
On top of that, we provide FREE
- boxes(to store your items).
- quotations based on your required stuffs.
- wrapping services to protect your items and furnitures.
- dismantle and assemble furniture for you.

We provide good value services that will suit your specific needs perfectly that will tailor-make the move for your needs, without any hassle.
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:trusted moving services

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Re: Got let go, and I have two dependants

❰❰ Quote:
I am classified as Indian. Married 6 yrs already. Wife applied PR twice, rejected. LTVP is the first one and expiring this year.

By your answer i feel like you may be from srilanka or bangladesh. Your case is a bit complex as you are now seeking job, however i think they may still give you a small chance by renewing your dependant's ltvps this time. The best way could be to explain your situation to ICA so that they can suggest any other financial wellbeing proof needed to convince them that you can support the dependants. If you can get some employment in mean time and show them the appointment letter, it can help too.

Ofcourse regarding your wife's pr rejection it is not surprising as now things have tightened and not as easy to get pr like you got 16yrs ago. She may have to seek employment to improve your profile.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Foreigner Local Diploma Holder needs help with job finding

I couldn't find any info anywhere in the internet and posting it in Singapore based forums would just get a lot of unnecessary hate comments hence I'll just post it here.

I have a 3 year grant with MOE that requires me to work in a Singapore local entity for 3 years full time. While so far I have no problem working and earning money, the problem is jobs are very very very limited. I remember applying for my first job and I applied over 600+ jobs (75% online 25% emails and physical calls) and only 3 gave me an offer. This took me a year from years 2021-2022.

I'm now working in this company which gave me an SPass but the problem is I don't like working here anymore. It feels like the company exploited my current status of being a foreigner and just gave me very low base pay with no benefits at all. I only took it because I've been given shit offers so i took the least shit.

I applied for PR but it's still pending. What to expect because I'm a diploma holder and also in the .....

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: Got let go, and I have two dependants

❰❰ Quote:
Where are you from and what ethnic group are you in? Also, how long have you been married and have your wife/kid applied for PR before? How many times have the LTVPs been renewed and when are they up for renewal again?

I am classified as Indian. Married 6 yrs already. Wife applied PR twice, rejected. LTVP is the first one and expiring this year.

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Re: Need help regarding PMLA ltvp assessment

@winger7 — high earning potential isn’t going to sway them, and if your SC partner doesn’t have enough to support you both while you’re not working, being denied shouldn’t come as a surprise. They want productive members of society here, and are happy to put the squeeze on anyone who doesn’t maintain that standard. Having Canadian citizenship might make them squeeze you even harder, because you appear to have options that could free up space here for more productive members of society than yourself and your partner. It may sound harsh, but optimizing the limited space here is a priority.

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Re: Need help regarding PMLA ltvp assessment

Hi there,

Stumbled upon this thread and was wondering if OP had any updates and whether it worked out for him, I certainly hope so!

I'm in a similar situation, feel devastated but actually also shocked that our PMLA assessment was rejected as I (foreigner) made upwards of $20K/ month in salary, but have not worked for 1 year now. I am a Canadian national or Chinese descent. Yes my partner (SC) does not make much but all I can think of is the fact that we only met for 2 years.

Not much in our control now except to hope that the LTVP assessment may change if I start working (be it abroad).


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