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Divine Yamunotri Yatra Package with Uttarakhand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Posted By: alinajaitley

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2019

Price: $133.00

Mobile: +9868939348

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Yamunotri Dham - Religious Shrine of Goddess Yamuna
Yamunotri is a beautiful town of Uttarakhand State, situated at an elevation of 3294 mts above the sea level. The major attraction of the town is “Yamunotri shrine”. Thousands of the tourists from all around the country visit this destination to get the blessings of Goddess Yamuna. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna and the site is one of the four chardham. She was the daughter of God Sun and sister of Lord Yama. Yamunotri is the first holy destination among the chardham. The beautiful shrine is lies on the Garhwal Himalayan Range. Yamunotri is the part of Chardham yatra and the first stopover during the visit chardham.

The Shrine holds a great faith in the heart of Devotees. According to the legend the temple has a great story, once it was the home of great sage Asti Muni. They took bath daily in the Ganga River but when he became old and was not able to reach Ganga River. Then the Goddess Ganga was appeared in the opposite side of Yamunotri. The beautiful Bandarpunch Mountain is lies on the north side of Yamunotri which is situated at a distance of 21 km from Sanya Chatti, 279 km from Dehradun and 170 km from Chamba. The shrine is surrounding by the beautiful snow capped mountains, greenery and nature beauty which increase the charm of the place. The Yamunotri shrine opens on the day of Akashya Tritiya in the month of last week of April or first week of May and closes after two days of Diwali on the day of Bhai Duj. The holy destination is offered the 6 km beautiful trekking from Hanuman Chatti and 4 km from Janki Chatti. All around the year the temperature is pleasant and most of the part is covered with snow. Don’t forget to carry heavy woollen clothes during visit. The present temple was built by the Maharani Guleria of Jaipur during the last 19th century. Surya kund is one of the major attractions of the place, Janki chatti, Hanuman Chatti, Saptarishi kund, Divya Shila etc are the other major attractions of the place.
Kharsali village is the winter seat of Goddess Yamuna. When the temple was not accessible and roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall then the idol is transferred to Kharsali village for the next six months. Ashrams, Dharamshalas and Budget hotel are available here for good accommodations. Simple and Vegetarian foods are available here.

The nearest Railway station is Rishikesh, Dehradun is the nearest Airport and Janki chatti is well connected by the motorable road till Hanuman Chatti. The Yamunotri is an ideal destination for kids, family, friends and couples.

There is some of excursions like-
• Janki Chatti is a natural hot water spring which is situated 3 km from Yamunotri.
• Surya Kund is dedicated to God Sun, father of Goddess Yamuna. Devotees cooked rice and potato in the water and serve as a Prasad.
• Hanuman Chatti is the place where you can see the confluence of Yamuna River and Hanuman Ganga.
• Divya Shila is a rock pillar next to surya kund and one of the major attractions of the place.
• Saptarishi kund is a natural lake offered the 10 km trekking route.
• Kharsali is a lovely picnic spot popular for its greenery and nature beauty.

Plan your Yamunotri Yatra Package with UttarakhandHolidays Private Limited
If you are planning to visit Yamunotri Yatra Uttarakhand then travel with Established Tour Operator or Travel Agent who provides you best service during journey & can help you out during trip.
We at Uttarakhand Holidays providing you excellent services to our reputed client from last 15 years. We have a massive list of travelers who travel with every year. For more detail about Yamunotri Yatra Package Booking contact to our 24X7 Customer Care at 91-9456715298, 9868939348 Mail us at: , ; Visit us at:

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