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Office Renovation Singapore | Office Reinstatement Singapore | Build Office Cabinet Singapore Call Now 651704718

Posted By: MacBenliHoa

Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +6591704718

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Looking to expand your office and needs to return office to landlord?

Company expanding and just got a new office space?

Looking for reliable contractor and can do a Professional job for you?

We are a team of experienced Design Professionals who had been in the business for more than 30 years of experiences.

We are HDB Licensed Contractor.

We can assist you with :

* Office Renovation Singapore
* Office Reinstatement Singapore
* Office Partitions Installer Singapore
* Install Electrical Works Singapore
* Vinyl Floor installations Singapore
* Install Office System Furniture Singapore
* Professional Engineer Endorsement Services
* Fire Safety Certificate Application Services

Give us a Call now for a No Obligation site visit & Consultations.

Call us now: 6591704718

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Re: Jobs in Singapore

❰❰ Quote:
Hi all! Just wanna ask..if my salary is at 6,000, is it guaranteed to get a dependent pass for my husband if he quits his job? He’s also working here. Thanks for the answer!

Guaranteed? Nothing in Singapore is guaranteed. But it's a pretty good bet if you are on an EP and not on a S pass.

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: Jobs in Singapore

i previously worked in m-dr pte ltd near macpherson

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: contact lense

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
I recently picked up a pair at OWNDAYS, they had half off a second pair and my daughter was getting a pair anyway. Can’t recall the exact cost but it was close to $100.

My old ones were purchased 20 years ago at Lucky Plaza for less than $50, but note that I haven’t been wearing glasses regularly until recently.

$100 for both?

No, around $100 each, all in. They both included UV protection.

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Re: Starhub no longer attractive

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
So far, I have been impressed with Paramount+ … lots of US programming, new and old, and it seems like they have just about every program that is aired on CBS (I read that it used to be called CBS All Access before they rebranded and rebundled). Do note that it definitely requires a VPN, if I forget to switch on my VPN it stops me, even through I go through the Apple+ interface. I read that Paramount plans to make their offerings available internationally, but so far it’s mostly in the Americas and I think they have it in Australia.

“US programming”- stuff that’s on other streaming sites or exclusive to Paramount?

Most of it appears exclusive to Paramount, the main overlaps seem to be with Prime, but I believe Prime only has a fraction of what Paramount has.

If you are a fan of US soap operas they have Young and the Restless .....

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Re: How to get Sinovac?

❰❰ Quote:
Btw, 3 of the cabinet members are MD's.
If you have a heart problem, you’ll go to a cardiologist and not an urologist, right?

Not all MDs have PhDs. I would trust an infectious disease specialist more than a generic MD. Some may not truly understand scientific data which caused the “petition by 11 doctors against mRNA vaccines” hoohaa. I’m in the scientific research field and have interacted with clinician scientist wannabes (aka MDs that want to do scientific research). A lot of them really don’t understand the basis of research in general. However, I am satisfied with how the ministers on the multi-ministry task force have answered queries so far during press conference.

You link a news article but I want hardcore scientific data. Until then, I won’t throw out Sinovac just yet till more evidence surfaces.

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