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Eyelash Extensions Near Me

Posted By: DavJohnson007

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2019

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +6634 0318

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Looking for eyelash extensions near me? Here you come, just one step away from the extremely beautiful eyelashes extension in Singapore. Here you will find out the most gorgeous natural look lashes for your eyes. Visit our website

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Re: virginity

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Re: Student Pass for someone working remotely for not Singapore based company

Thanks for your answer.

Attendance should not be a big problem as classes are 2-3 hours a day during weekdays and I should be able to make it most of the time.

Just want to make sure that I am not breaking any rules in either country by doing this.

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore

Re: PR approval chance in 2020

❰❰ Quote:
Hi All. Please help me to access our family chance for PR (i have removed the post in other thread)

This is our 3rd application, I am the main sponsor. The 1st I apply right after university alone, waiting for 1 year and then rejected. The 2nd I apply with my husband, he is the main sponsor, rejected.

My Profile:
Job: HR in a big tech /ecommerce company
Age: 29
Nationality: Vietnamese
Length of stay in Singapore: 13 years (been here since Secondary School)
Working in Singapore: 6 years
Annual salary: S$96,000 + bonus
Completed Tuition Grant bond with MOE Singapore

My husband profile
Job: Engineer in Financial Services
Age: 29
Nationality: Vietnamese
Length of stay in Singapore: 10 years (master + bachelor in NUS)
Working in Singapore: 7 years
Annual salary: S$145,000 + bonus

We have a daughter, currently 16 months.
We have done Social service, donation, endowment plan, saving locked up in Singapore local bank until .....

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Re: Advice sought for salary package to move to Singapore

❰❰ Quote:
My European husband had a total negative culture shock here,sad to say

Yes, I can believe that. What drives people, what motivates people and how people were raised here... it’s very different than the West. This is Asia, even if it is considered a lite version. There are are certain sacrifices, trade offs and irritants that will grind on many, depending on how adaptable they are. To be honest, the vast majority of people here from the West are not going to find living here tolerable unless there are major financial incentives (company paid housing, schooling, car, home leave and cost of living allowance, etc.). Even then, I know full package expats who would be the envy of many that told me frankly, it is not enough, they are not able to enjoy the same lifestyle as back home and they still ended up spending more money than they would back home - all because they were unwilling to make any sacrifices - .....

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