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Posted By: Eva Yeo

Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2019

Price: $18.00

Mobile: +65 88269867

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Good day All

1. I am a Malaysian Chinese lady, age of 32, educated in Singapore for the past 20 years.
2. Fluent-speaking in both English, Mandarin, Teochew and Hokkien.
3. Was an experienced Chinese and Maths Tutor
4.Has been babysitting for 5 years - more than 80 children of different personalities/cultures/nationalities/ages/races..
5.I have a Diploma in Nursing, currently working as a nurse.
6.I am certified to do Basic Cardiac Life Support and AED for adults and children.
7.I enjoy varied, educational, leisure, safe activities with children such as reading, drawing, preparing meals together, doing homework/assessments, shopping for groceries, going to the gym, swimming, taking walks, cycling, visiting tourist attractions, going to the libraries, attending musicals, cleaning them up (depending on the children's needs), enjoying designated TV time slots, accompanying them to play simple musical instruments, feeding them with milk & preparing them for nap/bedtime (babies and toddlers), singing lullabies etc..
* I would seek the parents' opinions and discuss before carrying out the appropriate activities with the children. I would like to communicate with the children's parents first so that it will be a beneficial and fun session for the children under my care:)
8.I enjoy explaining to children about our surroundings, people and objects - their usages, purposes, observations being made .. in an interesting and educating ways.
9.I respect each child's individualism and uniqueness and am firm with imparting them with the right values using gentle words and with love.

10.I am available on my off days and some evenings!! welcome long and short babysitting sessions.

11. In Oct and Nov, I am fully available on all days (weekdays and weekends) except 17-21 Oct.

12.Kindly contact me at 8826 9867 (Whatsapp)
13. Looking forward to wonderful opportunities and kind cooperation.

I believe that each child should be valued and be respected for the way he/she is being created and as adults(parents/guardians/babysitter/helper..) we shall nurture, provide and guide them to do good for themselves and others.

Rate: $18 per hour on both weekdays and weekends. Cab fare reimbursement after 10.30pm and request of arrival before 7am.

Kind Regards,

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