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Make Money for Your Expenses from Home

Posted By: ADAM03

Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2019

Remuneration: $25,000.00

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We all have those few extra expenses that we wonder how to cover. So, if all your monthly expenses leave you broke every month and you are wondering about a way to find a solution, then we have the perfect solution for you. This is a work from home job that requires you to find time of just two hours in a day for some work that is simple and fun too. And we pay you a salary that is sure to let you dream about all those fancy dresses that you saw in the mall.

For more details visit us at or
Contact us at
TFG Vacations India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Number : 18001213837 (Toll Free)

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Re: Working Remotely from Singapore as a Tax Resident - which pass/structure?

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Next, let’s talk work passes. If you work for a company that has no legal presence in Singapore, ie, not registered as a legal entity, no office, no nothing, and that company does no business in Singapore of any kind, ie, it does not ship goods to end consumers in Singapore, or rent space, or drop ship, for example, then you do not need a work permit to work for that company. I have verified this with MoM. Example: There was an accountant who moved to Singapore with her husband. She continued to do the books for the company she as working for, doing so remotely with her home computer. The company had no presence whatsoever in Singapore. No work permit required.

Chew that over and get back to me with more questions.


Sorry to hijack this old thread but I have a question about work passes while working remotely for a Foreign .....

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

You obviously do speak the official language of Government in Singapore. English. I've integrated just fine, been here 39 years and still do not speak any other language but English and a smattering of Bahasa because I worked in Indonesia for 12 years in the 80's and 90's. In fact, unless you are planning on doing business with the PRC there is no real reason to learn Mandarin here at all.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Starting business in Singapore

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Hi, I have recently moved to Singapore on DP. I am a sole proprietor of a commodities business in operations for 12+yrs based in Delaware. I am trying to figure out best way to move from DP to my own EP on my business. Options include setting up a branch or subsidiary of my business and then employing myself. Or setting up a new company and employing myself.
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a firm who can advise me?
Another question I had was I recently entered on my IPA and my DP Card has not yet been issued, if I apply for EP does that automatically terminate my DP?

Any company you setup in Singapore is a "new" company, as your distinction between a branch or subsidiary or new is not valid.

Almost all companies that setup an office in Singapore do so as a private limited, with all shares (usually or 2) owned by the foreign parent company. These companies have their own Singapore articles of .....

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Re: Multi Trade company

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Hi, I plan to register a company but wonder should it be under my own name or as Pte Ltd. Planning to trade clothe and also some household item, can it be under 1 kind of trading or multiple? Had tried to get consult from some firm but I need to first engaged the service before I decided. Wonder should decide first or engaged the service first. Thanks.....

You can open a business as a sole proprietorship, and you could call it "RCSG Trading" if you wanted.

You could open a company, a private limited, and could call it "RCSG Trading Pte Ltd" if you wanted.

A Pte Ltd gives you more legal protections to separate your personal assets from your company's business, but it is more complex to maintain and report.

If you have no personal assets, then a sole proprietorship is probably OK, otherwise, you should seek to do business as a Pte Ltd.

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Re: Question About Entrepass Changes

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I'm intending to apply well in advance of coming to Singapore and then, assuming my application is successful, collect the Entrepass a good few months after the IPA letter. Please could anyone confirm that the pass' 1 or 2 year validity runs from the date of collection, not the date of the IPA letter or some other date?

The pass date runs froms the date of collection. I'm going to be real surprised if you get an Entrepass.

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