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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Posted By: Rishikulyoga

Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2019

Price: $1,500.00

Mobile: +7060060954

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Yoga and India are as similar as Purity is to the Ganges and Divinity is to the Shiva. The land where the ancient science took birth nourishing countless yogis and saints offers roof to a number of Yoga connoisseurs every year. The research in the art of Yoga begins here with the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. The primary level of Yoga TTC perfectly blended with the mystic touch of traditional Yoga teachings mentioned in pieces of literature like Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Yoga Pradipika, etc., prepare you for a deeper level. Have a look at the central points of the program in India:
• The most authentic Yoga styles- Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga and the poses and postures related to these styles.
• Know about the Yamas (ethics) and Niyamas (principles) to be followed in order to lead a sincere yogic life during the Yoga Philosophy sessions.
• Follow the Pranayama training to gain a deeper insight of the power of breathing. We place immense importance on Pranayama, for the breathing-based practice is utterly important in keeping a yogi disorder-free by activating the blood circulation and cleansing their channels.
• Structural training of the body Anatomy to get acquainted with the effects of the Anatomical science on Yoga practice.
• Meditation for mental calmness and soulful realization.
• Adjustment and Alignment training for tuning the asanas and avoiding injuries during Yoga.
• Take the Ayurvedic way to live the sattvic way through the life. Know the art of healing sponsored by Yoga’s sister science.
• Shat Kriyas for internal cleansing and Mantra chanting for gaining the immense vibrational power of the mantras.
• Indulge in self-practice of conducting Yoga classes which give you confidence and experience prior to turning as a Yoga teacher.
• Learn to cook Ayurvedic way to resume the yogic lifestyle even after the completion of the program.
• The spiritual path of Satsang lets you cross the mystic horizon.
• Visit the Indian rich yogic tradition in various towns and villages and sightseeing.

The prominence of Rishikul Yogshala in Yoga presents you the opportunity of life to regain the immense potential you have hidden within you through the certified yoga teacher training in Rishikesh , daily yoga classes, and yoga retreats and Yoga school in India.
To have a descriptive idea of our programs and facilities, visit our website:
In case you need any assistance regarding our programs, call us at 91 8800501528
or/and write to us at

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