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Posted By: D1

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019

Price: Best Offer

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DomesticONE (An MOM Licensed Agency - 06C4647)
Tel: (65) 6100 2388 / (65) 6388 1329
Fax: (65) 6881 1792

DomesticONE is a fully licensed agency with the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, providing part-time maid and house cleaning services. All our maids are Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who are experienced, trustworthy and reliable in performing house cleaning duties.
We specialize in providing efficient cleaning services for Private Property, Condos, HDB flats and Offices.

Local Part-Time Maid Svc
- From S$16/hr (weekday), S$17/hr (weekend)
- Experienced, Trustworthy & Reliable helpers.
- Active & Good Records Helpers.
- House Cleaning & Ironing Svc
- Feedback system
- FREE replacements

One Time Professional Cleaning Svcs
- Spring cleaning
- Pre-Moving cleaning
- Post-renovation cleaning
- Pre-festive cleaning
- Post-party cleaning
1. Service provided by a team of professional cleaners & supervisor.
2. All cleaning equipments, solutions & sanitisers provided.
3. Prices start from S$220 per session

Please visit our website or contact us at 6100 2388 for more information.

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Re: PR approval probability 2020

❰❰ Quote:

Primarily due to nationality and race.

Is this your first PR application?

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: PR Application Notification

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Article 9.5 getting some air play.

Maybe it would be a good idea if you went back and re-read Article 9.5. This whole article is dealing with Intra-Corporate Transferees. e.g., if TATA India has a local presence and wants to send it's people from the home office to their Singapore Office. Has absolutely nothing to do with the vast majority of Indians coming here looking for jobs. That article is solely for transfers between corporate offices. Your English reading comprehension need some brushing up, I'd say.

Right, thanks.

Just a few guys I know not being able to renew their EPs.
Typically has been straight forward.
And tbh, .....

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Re: Travel planning in the post-COVID environment

Hi, I'm in the same case. Flying on 21 Aug, a PCR covid test is required by the airline.
Did you find a place where to perform the test?

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Re: PR approval probability 2020

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❰❰ Quote:

Not going to be easy.

Is there any chance or percentage of getting approved? What will be the possible reason/s for rejection?

Reason may be slightly low salary, ethinic quota ?

Thank you

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Re: PR approval probability 2020

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I was wondering what the chances are if we applied in 2020. Here are my and my family's profile:

Age : 34
Nationality : PH
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Married for 6 yrs
Religion : Catholic
Education : Bachelors degree
Current Field of Work : IT (SAP)
Length of Experience: 13 yrs in IT(SAP)
Length of stay : 5 yrs
No of tax return : 4 times
Salary :90k+ annum
Pass : EP

Age : 34
Nationality : PH
Religion : Catholic
Education : Bachelors degree (Industrial Engineering)
Current Field of Work : worked but currently housewife to take of our children but plan to return to work.
Length of stay : 3 yrs
Pass : DP

Age: 5 yrs
Gender: Male
Pass: DP
Currently in kindergarten

Age: 3 yrs
Gender: Female
Plan to go kindergarten in 2021

Thank you in .....

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