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Digital Marketing Manager

Posted By: cdelecki

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019

Remuneration: Best Offer

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This role is within our Business Development Team, and has strong links with the Technology Team.

You will be working directly with the CEO, CFO, and CTO: your mission is to understand where the company and the product are today, and where we want them to be tomorrow.

You must be a master story teller, and you will be in charge of designing, implementing, and tracking campaigns on all relevant channels (press, events, social, etc.).
Our selection criteria

Things we look for in you:

Understand TSC business, clients, and product;
Design a digital marketing strategy:
Define the goals and objectives with the management;
Segment TSC clients and ensure an appropriate coverage for each segments;
Align the strategy with the company brand and product positioning;
Choose the most appropriate channels (social, events, publications, etc.);
Estimate a budget and allocate it to the various channels;
Implement the strategy:
Write enticing content (case studies, client testimonials, etc.);
Find the right partners (agencies, events, etc.) and manage the relationship with them;
Push content to the appropriate channels;
Work with Sales to optimize the timing of announcements and content;
Track effectiveness and results:
Setup the right tracking tools and define the metrics;
Follow the effectiveness of the various channels;
Continuously Optimize budget allocation.

Things you should expect from TSC:

The best place you will ever work;
Fast track learning through exposure roles across the organization;
Honed skill sets;
Direct access, respect and mentoring from the leadership with an interest in your development.

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EP without Degree

Hi all,

To my knowledge, you can still get an EP under the condition that a) you earn a higher monthly salary (in my case, roughly $7-8k) and b) can display a strong history of specialised work.

Is this accurate? Has anyone had a circumstance with no degree but a higher income?

Thanks [emoji846]

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Re: Will home sellers lower prices?

Interest rates are so low at the moment so all I hear from those I know who are property owners is that they are soaking themselves in low interest rates.
Also i saw news [] that the government will reduce the housing supply, like they did during the GFC which then led to one of the biggest bull runs in SG property.

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Re: 26F Korean looking for friends

pm-ed you

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Re: Is property a hedge against inflation?

It's too simplistic to think "oh funds are coming in i should buying up any property in Singapore".

Just say you are a SC, you buy a residential property for 1mn - your stamp duty is 24,600; total outlay (ex lawyers) = 1,024,600
For you to get any profit out of it, you would need prices to rise 2.5%
Sounds reasonable right? Yes

Now of if you buy a second residential property for 1mn, your stamp duty is 144,600; total outlay (ex lawyers) = 1,144,600
For you to get any profit out of it, you would need prices to rise 14.5%
Sounds reasonable right? A bit more difficult

Now of if you buy a third residential property for 1mn, your stamp duty is 174,600; total outlay (ex lawyers) = 1,174,600
For you to get any profit out of it, you would need prices to rise 17.5%
Sounds reasonable right? Even more difficult.

There are different rules for commercial properties, so ... it's not something jump straight into.

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Re: Landlord wants to collect my visitors NRIC

I think it depends on the condo. Some management are more particular about these kinds of things than others. I know some condos require that anyone staying for any length of time are required to be listed for "safety purposes" - i think in the case of a fire they're supposed to know how many people are in the block.

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