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Online School Management BrightSword

Posted By: BrightST

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019

Price: Best Offer

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Our School Management System is designed especially for schools to manage challenges in a single unified solution. It is a 100% web based solution, with a proven record of increased productivity and efficiency. It is reliable and affordable. We customise our system to meet the specific requirements of our client. Designed to be user friendly, our system enhances the school’s ability to monitor and analyse data related to students, staff, parents and other day to day administrations.

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Re: Handover rental dispute

You can easily file a small claims dispute online for $10 and without an agent. You will need To upload your passport for identification and attach supporting documents like receipts, pictures etc...All the best

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Re: Working Remotely from Singapore as a Tax Resident - which pass/structure?

My view is that you're probably OK up to the 180 day mark where you run into tax residency issues. Also i think there are a few of you here in the same boat and we may see some guidance soon on this as it's somewhat if unprecedented situation.

Saying that the older folk on the forum remember Singapore being used an an offshore base for workers in the 70s and 80s and no one had the correct pass.

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Re: Working Remotely from Singapore as a Tax Resident - which pass/structure?

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
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Next, let’s talk work passes. If you work for a company that has no legal presence in Singapore, ie, not registered as a legal entity, no office, no nothing, and that company does no business in Singapore of any kind, ie, it does not ship goods to end consumers in Singapore, or rent space, or drop ship, for example, then you do not need a work permit to work for that company. I have verified this with MoM. Example: There was an accountant who moved to Singapore with her husband. She continued to do the books for the company she as working for, doing so remotely with her home computer. The company had no presence whatsoever in Singapore. No work permit required.

Chew that over and get back to me with more questions.


Sorry to hijack this old thread but I have a .....

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Re: Working Remotely from Singapore as a Tax Resident - which pass/structure?

❰❰ Quote:
SingaporeDon - I think the answer depends on how long you want to be here in Singapore. If it's until you get a flight out well it doesn't matter. If it's more like "as long as the GFC is a shithole" then you need to regularize the situation by getting an EP. The problem is it appears your are working for the consultancy here and hiding the money via a convolution (even though that is not the intent).
Thanks Governor!
I just rechecked and the entity in Singapore is a separate legal entity, and the one in GFC which is the legal employer is locally incorporated in the GFC.
The intention is to go back as soon as the coronavirus situation settles down and flights resume. I continue to pay rent for my flat in GFC.
Both for me and for the GFC employer it does not make sense for me to continue working remotely for too long, and my time here will be capped by the expiry of the SVP, - 2 months now- may be extended by .....

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Re: Where to get a BBQ grill?

I lived in Singapore and moved to Houston with a Weber Spirit grill which I cannot use in the States.

I would be more than willing to sell the grill at best offer.

However, you will be responsible for shipping.

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