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Healthcare Application Development Company

Posted By: BrightST

Date: Wed, 15 May 2019

Price: Best Offer

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We provide high performance healthcare applications at your fingertips
Health Level Seven (HL7) is a standard that defines the format for exchanging health-related information between medical applications.
Healthcare applications require rapid exchange, sharing and retrieval of data for efficient delivery of healthcare services.
A well-integrated clinical system will make the filing, converting and extracting of data and clinical workflows smooth and hassle free.

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Re: SIA cabin crew

Hi, I’m wondering if the medical checkup (in sg) ‘s time is being allocated by SIA or you can go at any timing? Thank you!!

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Re: Renewal of Re-Entry Permit

I renewed our family REPs earlier this month, got approval within minutes. We have been PR for nearly 5 years, so first renewal.

System must be running some auto-approval algorithm...

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Re: The "good wine deals" master thread

We already had a movie star as President before Trump. Ronnie Reagan was an actor as well, never knew if he was playing a part or was serious. He also had a bad habit of being caught by a hot mic.

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Re: Renewal of Re-Entry Permit

I am a PR for nearly 25 Years. When we renew Re-Entry permit, I thought immediately we get reply to email, I have renewed my re-entry the status shows pending.

Any idea how long it will take to renew?

About two months back one of .....

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Re: Renewal of Re-Entry Permit

I think it's a bit random (maybe not random, but let's say not always the same experience). I got my first renewal in 2011 within seconds, seemed like automatic already processed when I pressed the submit button. Then 5 years later when I had 2 Singaporean kids and definitely better paid and .....

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