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Commontown - River Valley, Urbana

Posted By: Sangyupk88

Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2019

Price: $1,800.00

Mobile: +65 83187726

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COMMONTOWN is opening our co-living space at Urbana, River Valley!

Experience co-living with COMMONTOWN, where we take you beyond the limits of traditional living spaces.

With COMMONTOWN at Urbana, you will get to experience various living spaces carefully curated to your lifestyle while also enjoying your privacy in your rooms. You will also have access to full condo amenities with Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Gym and BBQs.

COMMONTOWN simplifies your living experience by providing all inclusive membership including fully furnished living & private spaces, full kitchen, rent, utilities, wifi, weekly housekeeping (living and private spaces), basic supplies, full bedding and basic household supplies. We also provide additional on - demand cleaning and laundry services.

We offer flexible contract period starting with 3 months without any agent fee.

Come live with COMMONTOWN where you will never feel alone. Life is better together.

For more information, please PM or reach out to:

Whatsapp: +683187726

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