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Sophia Lodge Master Room$1800/m

Posted By: dreamhouse

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019

Price: $1,800.00

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near MRT
- air-con and wifi
- cleaning service free of charge
- air-con service free of charge
- light cooking permitted
- with personal bathroom
- no smoking
- includes pub and wifi
- Swimming pool

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Re: Wuhan virus in Singapore

Here is how the issue is being discussed on your doppelganger:

A poll with several creative options and several pages of informed, thought-provoking discussion.

I miss HK...

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Re: Need help with fostering 2 Cats

there are a few facebook groups of cat lovers. you can search singapore cat lovers or cat lovers singapore and ask for help there?
sorry i love cat but we can't take in any more :(

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Re: Where to hang a hammock in Singapore

crap. my hammock got a slight tear over the weekend at east coast park.
anyway knows a good solution to fix it?

something i should have asked the online seller before i bought my hammock... is hammock machine-washable? lol

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Re: Getting more moles as we grow older?

i think moles are just natural way of ageing.
and unfortunately some moles are a symptons of cancer, again... something that we are unable to escape biologically... :(

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Re: How to lose weight?

for 2019 I have been doing intermittent fasting and my tummy is smaller now. in fact it will look pretty flat on some occasional long fasting day.
now its 2020 and I just started OMAD (one meal a day). twitter CEO jack dorsey is a regular of OMAD
and i have to say OMAD is not that difficult once .....

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