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Budget website design Singapore

Posted By: budgetwebsite

Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2019

Price: $550.00

Mobile: +65 6492 6783

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Budget website design 550$ unlimited pages in Singapore, responsive websites, CMS website design, Wordpress website design, ecommerce, domain registration.
65 9228 6664 (WhatsApp)
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Re: May 1, 2021. Covid 19 community cases. What Happened?

In spite of the variants and other potential dangers lurking, I think Singapore is aware that it has to go ahead with opening up going forward. Of course the country is one of very few that did a really good job at managing the pandemic. Case numbers are very low, as are fatalities.

It can and will leverage this further.

With this in mind, the gahmen, in my view, will continue proactively managing this thing, micromanaging if and when required. To wit, they've just reversed their catch-all decision to close all gyms, based on the latest data.

This kind of hands-on granular approach is the only way to make any kind progress me thinks.

Ditto recreational travel. Current restrictions are on the verge of being eased, albeit in baby-steps, undoubtedly. And then only for those that are vaccinated. In addition, clearly, the Covid-19 passport will be a prerequisite.

So yeah, certainly for the second half of the year and beyond, my glass is half-full.

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Re: need to find my FIN... pls help!

❰❰ Quote:
My husband went to Singapore in 2013 on work permit and lived there for one year.. now we are in Canada and need Singapore police clearance for Canada immigration.. but he doesn’t have FIN number. He has only stamp on his passport. Can anyone help me to get his FIN number.

Can he ask his ex employer or check his email for the IPA letter?

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Re: May 1, 2021. Covid 19 community cases. What Happened?

Looks like there's a loophole - we reskill as foreign domestic workers and gain access! :-k

Migrant workers here to work as domestic workers will be allowed entry as approved, except for some with planned arrivals before June 7 who will be rescheduled to arrive at another date.

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Re: Hedge Fund Incorporation

There is a pong to this post. - moderator

On the one hand, OP knows "there are many cryptocurrency projects incorporated in Singapore".

But on the other hand, "law firms and incorporation services seem to be either unaware of how to fit the cryptocurrency element into the operational structure"

Add to that "they want to charge exorbitant fees to consult legal experts before they proceed with incorporation"

But in the end OP says....."I don't mind if it's expensive, I just want the peace of mind that I am dealing with experts."


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Re: May 1, 2021. Covid 19 community cases. What Happened?

❰❰ Quote:
So yet again, EP holders can no longer enter SG?

A select few countries can.

“Higher-risk countries and regions refer to all places except Australia, Brunei, mainland China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. “

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