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Engineers jobs, Unskilledful Workers and Drivers

Posted By: ncpkzrtk

Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2018

Remuneration: $15,000.00

Mobile: +65 80245896

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TLJ Contracting engineers is a premier general contractor focusing on
performing public works projects major heavy construction,
Production, Maintenance. We provide quality workmanship, challenging
and rewarding careers to our employees, and a safe and professional
work site for all.

TLJ started operation in January 2000. So far we have bid on 1640
projects with a total value in excess of $330 billion. We have been
awarded 10 contracts at the moment and we need different type of
engineers. we have sound financing and administrative support, and we
are committed to growing. To that end, we are seeking candidates for
entry-level engineering positions in various roles. Because we are
relatively newly formed, successful candidates will have the
opportunity to work in a challenging and exciting startup environment,
often directly with Senior Managers. We are looking for self-motivated
candidates who are willing to do “whatever it takes” but in return
offer the opportunity to see all aspects of projects being performed
for major public-sector PROJECTS. We are committed to the development
of our entire team; in particular we offer entry-level staff a full
range of training and continuing education, and a customized career
development plan. Most important, we have a great team of highly
motivated people who are committed to our team and like working with
each other. Please consider joining us!

TLJ Contracting is in need of the following range of Engineers to work
for their projects:

-Automotive Engineer
-Biomedical Engineer
-Civil Engineer
-Structural Engineer
-Architectural Engineer
-Electrical Engineer
-Computer Engineer
-Electronics Engineer
-Microelectrical Engineer
-Chemical Engineer
-Environmental Engineer
-Materials Science Engineer
-Agricultural Engineer
-Sustainability Design Engineer
-Petroleum Engineer
-Geological Engineer
-Mining Engineer
-General Labourers
-Drivers etc

From project management and complex consulting engagements to staff
augmentation, our human capital technology offerings operate
independently or in conjunction with one another, to execute and
deliver upon all your technology human capital needs.

Our sector experts not only know the latest technologies, but
understand how organizations leverage and invest technology, deploying
the right resource, team or solution - large or small - every time.

Send your CV for preview to the address below:

Mr Lepe.
HR Manager.

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