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Ad Hoc Babysitting / Nanny Services

Posted By: Sgbitcoin

Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018

Price: $80.00

Mobile: +65 90076355

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Ad Hoc Babysitting / Nanny Services

Bumble Bee Homecare is a registered Agency specialised in providing Hourly rate baby sitter | Nanny at Client's place or at Hotels

Offering Part Time / Ad Hoc / Weekend / Babysitting, Nanny Services

Home mums and working mums need time for yourself call/WhatsApp 90076355 us for your need

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Re: Tax Savings in Singapore

Look up SRS in the archives. There are a few threads here which should get you started.

Posted in Financial Investment

Non-resident tax- will company know employee work outside singapore?

Hi everyone,

Seeking help advice.
I am PR.
Due to significant rising rental cost in Singapore, I am weighing option to work outside Singapore >183 days - which fall under non-resident tax.

My company is allow us to work from home all this time and employees are rarely to go to office.

I don't really want to inform my manager/ company that I am not residing in Singapore, as nowadays lots of companies are firing people due to high cost and prefer to hire employee in lower cost countries.

My questions:
1. What if company don't know I am residing outside Singapore?
2. Will company is the one that report I am residing outside Singapore or individual to report self declare?
3. Is company and IRS talk to each other? i.e. company declare i am residing in Singapore all these times, but im not. Will IRS revert back and correct it?

Thank you for the advice, and kindly please no judgement here.

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore

Re: Seeking advice on citizenship

As i know it's 'open' to people who studied here and as a PR for at least 1 year. :
❰❰ Quote:

I have also heard cases where people tried to apply first, and by the time any ICA officer pick up your profile for approval, you would have fulfilled the 2 years requirement.

BUT imo it's best to apply when you are truly eligible to reduce any risk.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Spouse PR formalities

❰❰ Quote:
Hello all, my wife's PR application has just been approved, and we are going to ICA to complete the formalities soon... For those who have done this before, what kind of questions do they usually ask?

It’s for siting documents, fingerprints and iris scan. And payment.

The approval form should have all the paperwork necessary listed. You also need pictures.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Ants are driving me mad!!!

❰❰ Quote:
We've got weeds growing in the cracks of the brick outside. We pluck and pluck but they come back. Sometimes they show up in the grout though I have no explanation for that.

Exactly! This stuff I bought kills the root, so they don’t come back.

Posted in Staying, Living in Singapore