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Senior Installer (Security Systems)

Posted By: singaporecctvcamera

Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018

Remuneration: $4,500.00

Mobile: +65 61007656

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Senior Installer (Security Systems)
Provide and coordinate technical support for deployment of Commercial integrated Mobile Construction Site Camera security systems, multiplexed CCTV Surveillance systems, Door Access Control systems, Solar Powered CCTV solutions, Turnstile gate solutions and Electronic Parking systems (and others as required).

Job Responsibilities include:
● Configure, Install, Dismantle, reconstruct and programs Security, CCTV and access control systems as required by the commercial customer or VMS Singapore.
● Conducts service calls as required.
● Works safely and responsibly to avoid injuries, damage to property, loss of unused materials and cleans up installation debris.
● Contacts customers prior to the date of scheduled installation to verify schedule.
● Prepares estimates in accordance with prescribed instructions or directions of supervisor.
● Follows proper schematic wiring diagrams and hook-up procedures.
● Tests operation of system to the signal-receiving center to properly establish service.
● Reads building, electrical and Networking specification blueprints as required.
● May manage installation teams on larger projects.

Required Qualifications
● 3 years electrical and electronic equipment experience with demonstrated mechanical aptitude.
● Hands on experience in working on Commercial CCTV and access control security systems is desirable.
● Ability to read blue prints and schematic drawings.
● Ability to operate hand and power tools.
● Ability to communicate and provide excellent customer service.
● Valid driver's license.

How to Apply
If you are interested to apply for this position, please sent in your CV application to hr(at)

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I have 2 kids. We are Singapore PRs. Elder kid is in International School. She will be in P4 next year. Younger kid we are planning to enroll in local school. If I want to register for my elder kid, will it be too much pressure if she starts from P4? I think PSLE preparation already would have started by then. Please provide suggestions if its advisable to register for elder kid to local school?
Also what is the procedure for registering elder kid?

There are many benefits to having both kids in the same system and school calendar. If you are going to do it, now is the time. I know a guy who had a daughter in the Indian international school and moved her to local around P4 as well. She was able to catch up within a year and did just fine on the PSLE. Amazingly, she was even able to transition from Hindi to Tamil within that year, but parents were Tamil speakers.

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I applaud Addadude on his cool headed response — we can disagree on issues, but personal attacks are not productive.

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PR Chance

Hi all,I would like to get some thoughts on my PR chance to maybe ease my concerns :shock:

PR Application Date: Dec2023
PR Status: Pending

Nationality: Malaysian
Race: Chinese
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Degree: Masters (in relations to Psychology), Graduated in the UK
In SG: Since Nov2021
Salary: 42k+
Occupation: Admin Related (Not related to Psychology)
Currently holding Epass.

What are my chances based on the above? Although I do read around that Malaysian Chinese generally have a better chance but I do know someone who just got rejected after 8months. Plus, I know there's nothing to shout about in regards to my salary and work background. I'm just getting anxious cause I'm currently in the process of switching jobs with a rough 15% increment. Nothing in finalised yet with my new employer. I just wish I get my PR before they go through the whole process with the work pass


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❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
Thanks for the reply - do you know if there is any way to find out if my REP expiry date will automatically be extended when my spouse officially completes the registration as a SGC?

I wasn't sure if I needed to put a request into ICA for this.

1. After your wife become sc, you will remain a PR under her sponsorship, as confirmed by ICA FAQs.
2. As the REP expiry date is available in the ICA portal, so by right you can always check after your wife complete the sc registration. But if you need this info immediately, I think the only way to contact ICA directly?

Re point 1- does that mean that since she is now a SG citizen, my REP will always get renewed as my original PR was under her sponsorship? Or will my REP renewal be based solely on my own merits - e.g. own pay, job .....

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The best liquidity is around sought-after schools. Unless the unit (or development) has something very undesirable, you should be able to move it quickly.

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