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Production Assistant

Posted By: TraceyWhite

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018

Remuneration: $3,000.00

Mobile: +65 91524050

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Production Assistant – Millennium Entertainment International
Job Description

Position - Production Assistant for Millennium Entertainment International (“MEI”)

Location – Singapore (Local Singaporean)
While the role is mainly Singapore based office job, it is necessary to travel and stay in countries where we put on events for periods of time

Reporting to and Working with – MEI SEA Producer and MEI Director

Position Type – Full time (with 3-month Probationary period)

Pay – SGD$2300-$3000 per annum dependent on experience
Evening and weekend work will be required during pre-production and show periods
No overtime is payable
Time off in lieu can be taken in line with company policy

Employment period – From 16 April 2018

Application deadline – 6 April 2018

Applications – Please send your application and interest to [email protected]

About MEI
Established in 1992 in Singapore, Millennium Entertainment International (“MEI”) has grown to become one of the leading producers of character based live shows in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe regions. Over the last 26 years, MEI has entertained hundreds of thousands of people annually with its world-class, colourful and innovative productions.

As we continue to grow, we aim to bring both affordable and original entertainment in the Live platform with shows and/or interactive event activations designed to both educate and excite and always delight audiences of all ages.

About the Role
The Production Assistant will work with the Producer to deliver all of the events that MEI undertakes. Typically work will be office or home based however you will be expected, at times, to work from a temporary office on site, attend site visits and meetings elsewhere and travel to meet clients or collect and deliver items. Some evening and weekend work will be expected.

Position Description
• Assist with administrative tasks
• Distribute agendas and take minutes at production meetings
• Maintain and develop relationships with existing and new suppliers
• Place orders for equipment and negotiate deals with suppliers
• Coordinate incomings and outgoings from the warehouse with external company
• Maintain a database of freelance staff, inclusive of current personal details, passport and measurement forms
• Keep the production Dropbox up to date
• Create production schedules for events
• Assist with artwork and stage creation for live events
• Distribute and collate production documentation to clients, suppliers and staff as advised
• Assist with the recruitment of Cast, Crew and GRO staff
• Coordinate Cast and Crew travel logistics for events
• Take photos and video during live show and interactive events
• Create presentations (PowerPoint) pre and post events
• Assist the production Stage Managers with issues as they arise
• Assist with other tasks as reasonably requested (the description above is not exhaustive)

Essential Skills
• A methodical, logical and thorough approach to work and an ability to use initiative
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Strong planning, organizational and interpersonal skills
• An ability to work effectively under pressure
• An ability and reliability to work autonomously at times
• A strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially PowerPoint and Excel)
• The ability to respect confidentiality and use discretion
• Empathy with the goals and philosophy of MEI Events
• Enthusiasm and willingness to learn
• Language skills – Spoken and written Chinese

Other Desirable Skills
• Full clean driving license
• Valid Passport
• Car
• Experience working for live show Events, events or other arts organizations

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