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ChefTales - Cooking and Baking Corporate Team Bonding

Posted By: Seth Young

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017

Price: $68.00

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Throw away all thoughts you might have of cooking as a boring chore.
Racing against time, completing quests and overcoming missions,
You never knew cooking this fun and thrilling!


Team-bonding Adventures @ ChefTales is like nothing you’ve ever known. Party quests and missions are infused into one amazing culinary experience!

Team Bonding
Deeper connections and lasting friendships are formed when you expose your team to new experiences outside the office!

Starting at just $68/pax nett, you and your team get to experience a thrilling team bonding adventure that takes you on a roller-coaster ride!

Fun for All
An All-age experience, Adventures @ ChefTales is suitable for all demographic groups. Everyone gets to enjoy the event together!

Savor you and your team’s personal culinary creations as you dine-in together during a free-and-easy session held at the event’s end!

Take back a unique and immersive experience privy to you and your team only. This experience will bring you all closer than ever before!

At Chef Tales, our Team Bonding events are catered exactly to your needs. From active, high-energy challenges to classy and exquisite experiences, we design our events just for you!

Phone: 65 8226 4700 (Rochelle)

Boring Boring Corporate Retreats?
It’s not easy to find that one corporate activity that is just right for every member of your team. Oftentimes, the wide demographic of your group makes a common activity difficult. Physically-demanding activities such as Bubble Soccer can be taxing on the senior members whilst relaxing activities such as Terrarium-Making may leave the younger members craving for more.

Struggles of Organising an Event
We know, because we were once in your very position. Tasked with the laborious task of planning for a Corporate Team Bonding retreat, Michelle and I had so much trouble finding the one activity that all the members could agree on. We went through activities after activities, and they kept getting rejected and struck down. “Too boring”, “too static”, “not enough interaction”, were the most frequent complaints.

Cooking Competition? Cooking Competition!
It was only when someone suggested “Friendly Team Cooking Competition” that we had a gem of an idea. We all could finally agree on something! There was a positive vibe towards the activity, and the hype continued to build until the day itself. And when that day came, it did not disappoint. Till today, that evening proved to be one of the most thoroughly enjoyable event we have experienced as a corporate team. Michelle and I have since left the company, and taken that idea and allowed it to blossom into the culinary kingdom of fun and adventure it is today. 

Fun, fun, fun!
At ChefTales, we aim to embark you and your team onto a one-of-a-kind team bonding experience. We have spent months painstakingly designing a revolutionary program line up that will involve everyone. Party quests and missions are infused into one amazing culinary experience! And now, we are excited for you to reap the rewards together with us. 

Contact us
Phone: 65 8226 4700 (Rochelle)
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