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Posted By: remuskoek

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017

Budget: $3,200.00

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Please Visit My Website For More Listings @

Owners and Landlords : We are looking for Whole Unit in Any Location - For Rent

HDB, Condos, Landed - Sell - Buy - Rental

We have a wide datebase of Corporate, Expat Tenants, Professionals,
Students and Families from many different Countries to match your
Property Requirements

With our Large Landlord/Tenant database, we are able to lease your
property at the Best Price in the Shortest Time

One Stop Rental Solutions: We do everything from Arrangement of Viewing,
Application | Submission | Approval | Checks | Documentations etc

Be it Sell or Rent.. It'll be a

Hassle Free Process, You sit back. . . We'll do the rest !!

In The Event Of Unanswered Calls, Please Drop Me a Text and I'll Get Back To You ASAP


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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

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Just asking as an interest topic. So far from my personal experience. Most of my Singapore citizen friends with foreign spouse, was able to obtain PR for their other half if they either had a child or working as a professional

I have one friend who has a homemaker wife, they have no kids. He had tried on a couple of occasions for PR. Not successful. They have no children. However his wife is already in late 40s and just maybe, they may not think feasibility of child is possible. However best they obtained is LTVP+ so far. She’s been in Singapore with him at least 5 years. Her education background is close to nothing as well - is that a likely rejection reason too?

Possible, but more influential factors are things like race, income, and previous and potential contributions, .....

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Re: Writing an essay

you can use google to find help

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Re: New South African COVID Variant

yes so a never ending cycle..and now Sydney's got their first 2 cases of the new variant from travellers from S Africa...

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Re: Condo pool closing hours

mine closes 10 pm

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Re: Foreign Spouse first extension STVP or LTVP?

Hmm, they generally do not recommend any sedatives for pets when they fly because their vitals have to be closely monitored by the vet and no humans are allowed in the cargo hold. Even pet relocation companies do not recommend sedatives either. The cargo hold is temperature controlled though so they will be comfortable, it’s just gonna be noisy when the plane flies.

Do not forget that upon arrival, they have to be checked by the AVS vet and if something is off with the pet when it is usually otherwise normal, you’re jinxing its relocation.

Look up KittenLady on YouTube, she has great videos on how to prep a cat (or any animal for that matter) for a big move. My in-laws acclimated my husband’s cat by putting its food, toys, and blanket in the kennel a few months it was due to fly so that it associated the kennel with a positive experience. I was told by my in-laws and the relocation staff that cat was well behaved on moving day.

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