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**Business Development Manager Required**

Posted By: e_rercuiter

Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016

Remuneration: Best Offer

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Looking for THAT career to achieve something worthwhile? Only YOU alone have the POWER to decide or change your DESTINY. We believe that when you are HAPPY in your career and life you will be SUCCESSFUL!

Career Traits:
Positive attitude, high enthusiasm and ambitious
Self-driven, highly motivated and BIG personal & life goals
Want to be Extraordinary & a strong People Developer. Ability to influence and lead others.
Spirit of Excellence in Self and wanting to bring out the best of YOU.
Fun loving. Enjoys work & play. Great team-person & enjoy helping others succeed.

Job Requirements:
GCE A Level
Local Diploma / Degree
Singaporean / PRs
21 and above (Completed NS for males)

Trip Incentives:
Many More!

Send us your CV and a recent photograph to [email protected] for a personal discussion on this journey.

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EP processing time when switching jobs within Singapore

Hi, I'm after a little advice – I'm trying to get an idea of the processing timeline for recruiting a candidate, who would work remotely from Singapore via a payroll company.

Here's some info on the candidate in question:

- Indian passport holder
- Currently works for a company in Singapore under an EP
- Earnings will exceed SGP10k per month
- Will work 4 days per week under permanent contract
- Educated at university level

The payroll company, which handles the permit/visa application, has advised me of a VERY LONG processing timeline: likely 3 months to get through the waitlist and a further 1-2 to onboard the employee. So that's around 5 months in total! :shock:

Does the above sound accurate? Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Absolute favorite hotels

❰❰ Quote:
EandO in Penang (best high tea ever) and Hotel Puri in Malacca (like staying in a mini museum). Haven't been to either in a long time, alas.
I'm not a huge fan of Penang, but I would stay at the EandO if I go again. Not sure when you were last there; the newer wing (not exactly new any longer though), Victory Annex, has some higher floors with balconies and nice views over the water. Rooms are also big at 50+ sq meters. However, at this point the original wing may be in better condition (renovated in 2019).

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Re: Absolute favorite hotels

EandO in Penang (best high tea ever) and Hotel Puri in Malacca (like staying in a mini museum). Haven't been to either in a long time, alas.

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Re: Australian International School Singapore

Are these schools for foreigners only or Singapore citizens can visit them too?

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Re: Resubmission or waiting it out?

Thank you! We did send a succint email to ICA a couple of months after birth to inform them.

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