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Overseas business representative - uae

Posted By: seyyedi

Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2016

Remuneration: $100.00

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Great Job Opportunities for
Overseas business representative
in Iran, UAE and Uzbekistan

Short Job Description
Offering assistance for the manager to make and plan the marketing strategy, and develop the market potential to the furthest. Develop and maintain client’s relationships to achieve sale target.

• Use the local relationships to develop and maintain clients’ relationships in the field of oilfield
• Investigate, systemize and feedback the biding information of the local company, take advantage of the local working place to bid and try your best to achieve success in the bid
• Develop clients and orders actively to achieve the sales target and feedback to the manager in time
• Make market investigation of the products and business information of the local competitor and make investigation report
• Coordinate with the manager with the marketing development and execute the sales and marketing plan of the company

• At least a bachelor degree on Business, commerce, international trade, or related
• fluent in oral English
• familiar with the knowledge of petroleum, MKT, and International trade
• good knowledge about the products of the company both domestic and abroad
• Good master of the office software and have the MKT analysing ability
• strong communication, plan making and execution ability
• high cultivation degree and familiar with the local culture and language
• persistence and professional, good learning skill, can develop the international market independently after training
• High sense of responsibility and good team worker

Apply via,-UAE-and-Uzbekistan.html?searchId=1463668303.89&page=7

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