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Posted By: chonghan

Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2016

Remuneration: $5,000.00

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Re: Is Singapore Losing Its Appeal?

I feel for those who can’t get PR after being here 5 or even 10 years, especially now because you have to tough it out financially during that time. Housing and schooling costs have gotten especially inhospitable in recent years with the 60% ABSD and MOE school fees (if you can secure a seat in local school). Primary school fees for non-ASEAN will exceed $1000 per month in 2026, and for secondary will surpass $2000 per month in 2025. The prospect of a foreigner coming to live in Singapore is now like a game of hot potato, you can’t hold on long before getting burned, especially if you have school aged kids.

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Re: Is Singapore Losing Its Appeal?

Just keep giving it a try every so often. There's not much else to do at this point. You may strike gold and get through at some point. If not, at least your perspective will help the situation.

Thank you for the advice. Yes, we will keep trying, and hope the best will somehow happen one day. :)

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Re: Is Singapore Losing Its Appeal?

❰❰ Quote:
I realize this; in life any choice we make, we gain something and we lose something. When we make this choice of an expat posting, all we are thinking about is the financial arbitrage, to make tonnes of money and be able to have a comfortable life back home. This is what most Indians think, when we leave India.

But once we start living here and we have our kids here, we forget that our kids dont have any experience or attachment with India. For them Singapore is home. So after living here for 15-20 years, if you are taking your kids back to India, you are doing a big disservice to them. I think that is the cost of the an expat assignment, which I never considered, when I made the move to Singapore. Other than that I have no regrets, I have absolutely loved my stay in Singapore and it is has been extremely fruitful.
That is also the reason we would like to obtain PR and settle down here. To be honest, even at our .....

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Re: Rents are peaking!

❰❰ Quote:
These numbers dont seem right. At below 23 years of age, most people are still in college, and their salary must be like 9-10k for some industry?
<= 23 should pick up some people that have (just) started working but I get your point (a few years out is easier to understand). I think it depends on what all is included in "Other Financial Services Activities." If you look at "Fund Management Activities and....," the figures are even higher.

There have been some comments from other posters here about ex-classmates, friends, etc in these roles. For better or worse, these industries just pay a lot, and I think the opportunity set here has grown immensely in the last decade or so. As I've mentioned before, that has both its opportunities and challenges.

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Re: Is Singapore Losing Its Appeal?

I believe long-term immigration opportunities are a significant factor when deciding where to setup camp. Most kids will develop some sense of belonging or home wherever they grow up. At the same time, people aged 15 - 25 are pretty adaptable, as they are less likely to have some belief about what is best. Still, I get that being able to return (freely) is different from potentially not being able to do so.

Nevertheless, while we like to create opportunities for the kids, perhaps don't worry about it too much. In the end, they will have to find their own way. I know a lot of first gens (in many locations) that think the second gens have (or had) it too easy (in hindsight). The offspring are very smart and by no means lazy (often admitted to the most selective universities), but sometimes they lack the scrappiness of the prior generation. It takes a lot of effort to transmit the same characteristics, values, and drive to the next generation, especially if one thinks getting to .....

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