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Foreigner, Local, Housewife, Retired Person, Student are welcome.

Posted By: chonghan

Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015

Remuneration: $2,000.00

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Home Based E-commerce for part timer $2000 or Full Timer $6000.

We are an American-based E-Commerce company currently in the top 5% rankings in the world. We operate on a global platform in over 116 countries. We are looking for online sales partner to promote our website and generate leads and expand our business.

You must be in Singapore to attend the briefing sessions

Interested applicant must have

1) Own PC/Laptop/tablet/Smartphone with internet access

2) 18 years and above

No prior experience required. Full internet training will be provided.

After completed the training, then you will be able to start work.

** Think of Life will never be the SAME again! **

Flexible location, Flexible timing
Work from any country
Work from home
Work from anywhere you like

To register, visit our website to secure your seat:

Limited seats only, Act now!

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Truffle is acceptable to me in dry food such as fries but when in combination of oil like in pasta or soup is overwhelming for me.

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Re: EP Holder Trying to Acquire Existing Business in SG

After thinking about it, I'd SWAG that you will probably be successful in gaining an EP for your new company, given the level of investment in the company and the annual turnover. This would represent a solid investment in an existing company and stands a lot better chance of EP approval than some underfunded and untested business. I'd ensure that my resume reflects business experience in this type of company.

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That's smart 😄

With the countless singers and bands having concerts in Singapore (some I have never heard before in my life) , it will deplete all our savings in no time!

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My daughter is a fan and talked about trying to get hired by the organizer… get paid instead of paying, and still get to access the concert. Smart.

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❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

Does this 500 figure consist of all the PR schemes combined (family ties, investment, PTS)?
Or is it PTS only?

Would be interesting to know the breakdown assuming that info was even publicly available.

Ofcourse, the 500+ figure includes all the PR schemes family ties, investment, PTS. Not just the PTS.

And ofcourse, there is no official breakdown of this info online and the obvious reason is for the best interest of the public. But in general, it can be guessed that % of PTS > % of family ties > % of investment. In my opinion, i can give a guestimate of 60-70% for PTS, 25-35% for family ties and <5% for investment (may be practically <2%).
Whats the source of your stats? Plucked out of the air or?

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